No one wants an ant infestation, especially a surprise one! Ants are terrible pests that can ruin your household and stress your day, that’s why it’s important to do some prevention if you are worried about ant season. In this article, you can read about how can you prevent an ant infestation, but if you […]

Ants are curious creatures that never stop breaking boundaries even in the most absurd situation. They are able to “see” in pitch dark and all thanks to their evolution criteria. When compared to other creatures ants’ visual senses are way ahead of the norm. Ants usually prefer light colors such as yellow and green because

Ants are fascinating creatures that never stop surprising us. They do the impossible to guarantee the survival of their species. If you are wondering why ants are attracted to many things that surround us, then check out the list we have compiled for you. This article will reveal the most amazing things that attract ants

Ants are fascinating creatures, they can do the unimaginable just to achieve their goals. And even more impressive is the fact that, if one does something amazing the others will follow. This applies to climbing incredible distances and breaking through the roughest materials. They are persistent beings and will scavenge in the most lethal environment

Vapes are the new trend and they seem to attract more and more users each year. But in reality, vapes are not only attracting people to them but also some insects as well. Have you forgotten your vape outside for a day or two? Chances are, it is full of ants. Ants seem to be

There is nothing more dreadful than waking up in the morning with some strange strange sensation on your head and finding out in front of a mirror that your face is full of ants. This may seem like a tale from a horror movie but it’s actually quite a possibility. Ants will crawl up your

Not only dirty houses are a magnet for pesky ants. Without knowing you may be attracting ants into your house. Ants will look for resources in the most unimaginable places, just like your shoes for example. Ants may be drawn to your shoes for a straightforward reason – they are after the sweat. However, there

One of the worst sensations one can endure is to feel an ant bite, especially if ants are biting you at night. They can be very painful and they come along with a burning sensation just like a cherry on top of a cake. Ant bites are no joke and they can become problematic if

Albeit not common, you will find once in a while columns of ants marching left and right on the floor. This will happen due to several reasons, but the most probable one is that they found food somewhere and are now taking it back to their nest. Of course, you cannot permit this situation to

There is nothing more satisfying and energizing than a great cup of coffee in the morning. It’s what keeps us moving on, even on the roughest days. But that morning mood can be easily turned into a horrible nightmare if you end up discovering ants in your coffee maker. Ants can really ruin your coffee