Are Ants Biting You at Night? (This Is the Reason)

One of the worst sensations one can endure is to feel an ant bite, especially if ants are biting you at night. They can be very painful and they come along with a burning sensation just like a cherry on top of a cake. Ant bites are no joke and they can become problematic if you have an allergy to them.

The problem is… when ants bite you when you least expect it, for example, while you are sleeping. This can lead to sleepless nights and a sense of trauma when getting into bed. But why do they do this?

There are several reasons why ants are biting you at night while you sleep. Your scent may attract them, your pajamas might be the culprit or even your bed sheets make them go wild. Whatever it might be, we are going to analyze possible scenarios and how to deal with them. So keep reading for more.

3 fingers holding a huge ant at nighttime under a flashlight
Big ant on 3 fingers under a flashlight.

Why Ants Bite You at Night?

At first sight, it can be hard to tell why ants are biting you during sleep, but on closer inspection, you might get more answers than you might be expecting. Ants are attracted to scents, this is what leads them to you. Something in your bedroom is emitting a certain odor that they find very attractive.

  • If your bed sheets have food scents or food stains that might attract ants into them, also the fabric softener you are using to wash your sheets may also be attractive to them. Stop eating in your bed if you do it so, and change your fabric softener to a neutral smell.
  • Check your bed framing, and do a thorough inspection of it. Some bed frames have residues that might attract ants, this can be from lubricant to something else that is driving them crazy. If confirmed clean them with a clean cloth and try to mitigate the smell with some wood spray cleaner.

This next one is a little bit obvious but it’s always good to inform.

  • Never go to bed at night without taking a bath first. Ants are attracted to human sweat and other human segregation. If you are sweaty, ants will be attracted to the sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and glucose that are contained in your sweat. If you are clean they have no business with you.

Bonus: This is the reason why ants are attracted to human sperm. 🤢🤮🤮🤮

  • Ants are also attracted to dirty floors if your floor contains bits of food such as breadcrumbs and it is dirty with hair, dust, and dandruff you are a strong candidate for an ant infestation in your room. They reach your bed because you are the main source for them. Cleaning your room will also resolve this.

Although there can be more reasons, the ones listed above are among the 90% that attract ants to a bedroom. Try to determine if you have an actual ant infestation in your room and where they are coming from.

If you found the nest entrance or a potential entry point, take the proper measures to seal it and dispose of the remaining ants. Doing a deep clean in your room will take care of the remaining ants that are scattered across the place. Even if one or two escape, they’ll make an eventual exit and will not bother again.

Why Are Ants Attracted to Biting You?

If you are completely sure that ants are attracted to you, see in the first place if the problem lies in something you are wearing. This can be a piece of clothing smelling good, a perfume, or your body odor.

Experiment with removing the first two options to see if eventually keeps ants away from you. If it is the latter, experiment with taking a bath more often (like twice a day) and preferably with a neutral shampoo (without any smell). If even bathing twice they are still attracted to you. Contact an exterminator to get rid of them.

What Happens if Ants Climb Into Your Body?

When ants go to your body it only means one thing, they are attracted to a scent that it’s on you. This can be your body odor, your bath body wash, or your clothing smell. At an initial glance is hard to tell which one is it, it might require some experimenting to reach any conclusion.

Ants can go to your body because they are curious, or because they want something you have. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll get bitten, in the best scenario you just need to blow them away.

Why Do Ants Bite Humans for No Reason?

An ant can bite a human body if they find it attractive, to them it’s all about resources. They will see you like food, or as a provider of food. It’s nothing personal, it’s just ant’s nature. Some ant’s bites will only tickle you, other ants’ bites (like red ants) will hurt a lot and will leave you a burning sensation on the spot as well as a small scar.

Ants always have a reason to bite because unlike humans they don’t hold grudges. If they see a potential resource they’ll go after it. Because it can take a while to find anything else as good as that.

Are Ants Active at Night?

Ants are very active at night and also during the day, they start at sunset and will work around the clock. Some ant species are more nocturnal than others, but they will take their work seriously.

The level of ant activity will depend on certain factors such as the nest location, current weather, the type of ant, and the availability of food sources. All these factors play a role in their level of activity. When scarcity is high, they’ll double all their efforts.

What Do Ants Do at Night?

Ant stuff, like gathering resources, finding new potential food spots, maintaining their nest, defending their colony, and taking care of their eggs and babies. Overall, ants do what they have to do in order to thrive in their colony.

Can Ants Crawl in Your Bed and Bite You?

Yes, they can, ants will crawl wherever they want to. Ants will crawl into a bed if they find interesting resources in there. This is why they infest some bedrooms from time to time. Keeping a clean bed and fresh bed sheets will avoid these and other problems related to ants, the same goes for the entire bedroom, not just the bed.

Fast tip: Do you wake up with ants on your pillow? Do this immediately!

Can Ants Harm You in Your Sleep?

The only thing ants can do while you sleep is bite you. Some people are allergic to ant bites, but this will not be enough to cause a fatality. They will get some scars and bumps on their skin, but other than that just a minor annoyance and a severe inch in the bite spot.

How Do I Protect My Bed From Ants?

You can start by cleaning the infestation around you. Many times ants go to bed in search of more resources, the problem might be around you, keep your room clean and tidy and it might be enough to keep them off your bed.

If that doesn’t work check your bed for what can be attracting them to it. Clean your bed thoroughly and check again if it works. If it doesn’t, contact a professional exterminator to deal with the situation.

You can always resort to some pesticide sprays, but remember you are in your bedroom. Sleeping with the toxic smell of pesticides is a hazard for your health, when using pesticides please allow a few hours for the smell to dissipate. And never use it directly on your bedding sheets.

Your skin can absorb the toxicity of pesticides just by having contact with them. Even when the pesticide spray is dry, if your skin is sweaty and has contact with it, it will absorb all of it. Be very cautious with it.

Can You Avoid Ants Biting You Ate Night?

Yes, you can, if you can manage to remove the source that is attracting ants to your room, then it’s likely they won’t come back. If you are the source they are coming for, get rid of them, or at least get rid of their entry points. If they cannot reach you they will not be able to bite you.

Pro tip: When resorting to the use of pesticides, never do it when you are going to sleep. You will need to use them at a time when you will not be present in your room and you definitely will need to clean after it, always keep that in mind, pesticides can be very toxic for your health.


Dealing with ants might be a challenge, but once you know their intentions things become more clear. The best way to have no ants around is by preventing them. Keep your room clean (yourself included) and chances are, ants will lose interest in going there.

Maintain this method and you got yourself free from ants for a while, if they happen to invade you a second time, be watchful and deal with them while you can. The sooner you start the better your chances will be.