Why Are Ants Attracted to Sperm?

Ants tend to see sperm like any other food source. Sperm has sugar molecules, like every cell present in our body.

To add up, men’s semen gets extra sugars secreted into the mixture when is formulated in the testicles. This is one of the reasons why ants love to drink sperm.

They are able to gain lots of energy from the sugary liquid, and it really keeps them up and running. We may find that to be gross, but ants will drink semen and gain very good nutrition from it.

Is It Normal That Ants Are Attracted to Sperm?

From a human perspective, it may not make much sense for insects like ants, to be attracted to sperm. But in the bug kingdom, any resources that can provide food are always a gift from nature, and they will take it.

Unlike humans, ants don’t know when there will be food again, this is why they’ll take anything that comes in their path.

They are only able to rely on their own stock. But food is never too much for any ant, the bigger the colony, the more energy they have to spend while gathering food. This is why any resource must not be spared, and that is why ants like semen so much.

Human sperm can attract all kinds of ants to your place, carpenter ants, odorous house ants, pavements ants, and black ants. If you are not careful enough in cleaning any mess you make, you may be putting yourself at risk of also inviting fire ants (red ants) into your household.

The sting from fire ants can be very painful and its effects can last longer than any other ant sting. You definitely shouldn’t aim for that, especially because they can crawl up to your bed during the night and you might wake up full of them around your underwear and genitals.

Is It a Bad Sign For Ants to Be Attracted to Your Sperm?

No, ants will be attracted to human sperm no matter what. Some people believe it may be a sign of diseases like diabetes type 1 or kidney failure (because of the glucose increment), but it is nothing like that.

There are no studies that support that theory. Ants will be attracted to sperm for the same reason they are attracted to sweet beverages. The sugary elements present in sperm will be always appreciated by many ants, thus their gathering for it.

If you want to know why are ants attracted to these peculiar things check this article out.

Red ants in a circle drinking from a drop of human sperm on the floor
Ants drinking from a drop of human sperm splattered on the floor.

Other Human Secretions That Attract Ants

If you think sperm is the only human thing ants feel attracted to, then you are wrong. Here are 7 other human secretions that can also attract ants.

1. Urine

When someone has type I diabetes their kidneys are unable to regulate glucose, and that reflects in sugar increment in the urine.

This is why ants feel so attracted to the urine of some individuals, it contains a great amount of glucose (some people confuse this phenomenon when it happens with sperm).

However, this does not mean that if ants are scavenging one’s urinal fluids that there is a strong chance of diabetes. An individual can have a greater glucose level in urine liquid without having type I diabetes.

If you just had a tasty soda, you may feel tempted to spit the excessive sweet taste that stays in your mouth. Ants will also be attracted to saliva on the floor, especially if it’s hot and has sugar traces in it. This is also true for any kind of candy or even sweetened tobacco, some people tend to spit a lot when they smoke, and this may also happen in those cases.

Another scenario where this is possible is from people who vape, ants tend to be attracted to the sweetness present in vape liquid. If a vape user ends up spitting on the floor after a vape puff its saliva will end up attracting any nearby ants.

3. Blood

Our blood has everything an ant needs to survive, it is a precious source of food that will definitely attract ants. Ants will often scavenge hospital waste in search of blood. Ants can also be drawn to menstrual blood present in pads, tampons, and cups because they are rich in protein.

Period blood also contains salt, which is an essential nutrient for ants, this is the main reason ants are attracted to period blood.

Garbage with used tampons or pads will also attract a lot of ants due to the discharge fluids in them, pregnant women’s discharge can release a strong scent that will attract ants from very far away.

4. Sweat

Our sweat contains sugar, salt, and water. These minerals are able to release a strong scent that will attract ants to us.

Salt is essential to ants because it aids their nervous system is functioning properly. It is also very important for maintaining muscle activity going on.

Human sweat is able to provide ants with this essential nutrient, this is why it’s very common to see ants among the dirty laundry, searching for sweaty pieces of clothing.

5. Tears

Although this is not common it may happen when tears fall into ceramic floors and don’t evaporate, of course, we are talking about a lot of tears but mix that with a little bit of mucus and other fluids and you’ve got yourself a great ant magnet.

This will help to mitigate ant’s presence in your body, but probably it is the very best you can do about it.

Sweetened perfumes are also known to attract ants to humans, this is mostly known with bees and other flying insects but it is perfectly normal for ants to react when strong sweetened scents cross their radar.

7. Dead Skin Cells

Dead skin cells are one of the most appreciated delights of these insects. Human cells contain keratin and sometimes little bits of sebum, which is an awesome food source for ants.

The decomposition of these cells will produce odors that are very attractive to ants, and it will make them crawl all over you to taste a little bit of the flaky dead skin cells.

This may also happen to dandruff and other skin conditions that release cells from our bodies.

How to Prevent Attracting Ants to You

If you want to know the best ways to avoid ants crawling on you then follow the next steps:

  • Don’t wear sweetened lotions or perfumes during summertime, the heat will amplify your smell and will make you more desirable to ants.
  • Keep your food and drink supplies sealed. Ants will always be searching for food and drinks to survive, if you give them easy access, they will take it.
  • Maintain good hygiene, especially in the summertime. You can do this by taking an extra batch and wearing fresh clothing and not sweaty ones, this is also valid for underwear.

Natural Repellents to Prevent Ants

These fragrances will keep ants away from you, and the scent of the following natural ingredients will repel ants away.

  • Cinnamon
  • Mint leaves
  • Vinegar


Ants will look for food no matter what, it is very common that human body odors will always attract ants. The stronger the smell the bigger the chances you’ll get an ant getting a ride on you.

Use natural repellents and practice the tips we gave you above and you are good to go.

And if you worry about ants drinking human sperm, just remember to always clean it, if you accidentally drop it on the floor.