Why Are Ants Attracted to Vape Juice? Let’s find out

Vapes are the new trend and they seem to attract more and more users each year. But in reality, vapes are not only attracting people to them but also some insects as well. Have you forgotten your vape outside for a day or two? Chances are, it is full of ants.

Ants seem to be highly attracted to vape juice, not only due to its flavor but also due to the scent that it releases into the air. Vaping smoke can attract ants into tasting the flavoring of the e-liquid present in a vape.

In this article, we are going to discuss the effects of e-juice on ants’ behavior, what you should do if your vape juice is constantly being attacked by ants and what to do to prevent it.

3 Main Reasons Why Ants Are Attracted to Vape Juice

Groups of ants gathered to drink vape juice because of its sweet taste.
Ants drinking vape juice due to high sucrose levels.

There are a few reasons why ants love vape juice so much, among them are:

1. They Like Its Flavor

As long as the e-liquid present in a vape is sweet and it hasn’t had any citric aroma in it, the ants will love to drink it out. Vape juice is full of sugary’s and it’s one of the main reasons why ants are so attracted to it.

There are several e-liquids that have a lot of sweet fruit flavoring. This ends up tricking ants into thinking that e-liquid is actually juice from a fruit. Turns out, that vape juice is really popular among ants.

2. They Are Attracted to Its Scent

Just like the taste, e-vape liquids release strong scents that signal ants that there are possible resources nearby. The scent propagation can really travel far as ants can detect it from 10 ft away and up to almost 20 ft. That is really impressive!

If your vape is always being found by ants no matter how many times you’ve changed place, this is the main reason. Ants will go nuts to drink some sugary juices, but what they don’t know is that your vape juice is completely synthetic.

3. It Gives Them a Lot of Energy

Ants are constantly searching for calorie-rich foods as they work around the clock, especially during the ant season. This requires tremendous energy spending, no wonder why they like these highly sugary drinks, they can pack a lot of energy in such a small intake.

As we would expect, they tend to explore this form of sugar source as much as they can, because they already know it is very scarce. Anything sweet will attract as many ants as it will serve, and vape juice is no different from that.

What Vape Liquid Do Ants Love?

Any vaping juice with fruit and a sweet aroma will attract many ants. Ants may be attracted to certain scents but in the end, they are only after the sugar that liquid vaping can provide.

Some vape juice may contain other artificial aromas but as long as there is sugar present in the formula it will always be the main factor that attracts ants

Are Ants Attracted to Electronic Vapes?

Although some ants are attracted to the magnetic radiation in some electronic devices, vapes don’t have enough radiation to attract ants by themselves. They are mainly interested in the scent and flavor that vape juice contains in its formula.

Did you know that ants tend to be attracted to many stuff? Here’s how you can stop them.

Can Ants Damage an Electronic Vape?

A lot of ants can damage electronic devices when they are neglected to their domain, however, the main circuit board in a vape is sealed tight as well as the battery compartment. So it is very unlikely that ants will be able to damage an electronic vape.

Do I Need to Disinfect an Electronic Vape That Had Ants on It?

Ants can be the carriers of many diseases, just to name a few: Staphylococcus, Salmonella, Streptococcus, and Clostridium. Although this might be rare it can still happen. The safe approach is to clean it well and disinfect your vape before using it again.

Do Ants Like Nicotine?

Ants will consume nicotine if it is present in any liquid or edible, it’s not about a question of taste but about what comes along with nicotine. As long as the nicotine is present in some resource that is of interest to ants consume, they will do it.

The only nicotine effect present in ants’ behavior, is the increase in their speed of locomotion. This will make them go faster but not better, although nicotine seems to accelerate constantly ants, their precision becomes inaccurate, their food consumption decreases drastically, and their ability to respond to pheromones does not function properly.

Can Ants Get Addicted to E-liquid With Nicotine?

Nicotine has a different effect on ants when compared to humans. While humans may become addicted to nicotine ants aren’t able to process that addiction. They do however display a change in behavior, they become faster when under the effect of it.

It is more plausible that ants will get interested in the sugary’s present in e-liquid than the nicotine mixed with it. Unlike humans, ants are unable to get habituation to the nicotine effect.

Ants are able to consume e-juice with or without nicotine. As long as there is e-juice to satisfy them, they will continue to consume it as an energy resource. After it ends, they will continue to the next resource without showing any consequences from the lack of nicotine.

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Should I Let Ants Drink My Vape Juice?

Unless you want to spend more money than you are willing to, it is better to keep ants out of your vape juice stock. If ants are constantly evading your vape, consider changing the location where you put it.

Also, don’t forget to clean it well, even if you change the location of your vape if it is tainted by the sweetness of the vape juice, ants will continue to be attracted to it.

If you happen to drop any vape juice on your shoes, do not forget to clean it afterwards. Ants will be attracted to your shoes and can infest them in a matter of hours.


It is only normal that we wonder about the effects of e-liquids on ants’ behavior. And although we want to observe its impact of it on the ants’ health, the truth is ants do not react in the same way as humans do. Therefore to them, consuming vape juice is just another form to obtain energy for their daily activities.

But one thing we can agree with, they are highly attracted to the sweetness of e-vapes. So if you want to keep your vape always free from ants, make sure to put it in a safe place far away from any nearby ants, otherwise, they will drink all your precious e-juice from you.