Do Ants Eat Glue? (You Won’t Like the Answer)

Ants are fascinating creatures, they can do the unimaginable just to achieve their goals. And even more impressive is the fact that, if one does something amazing the others will follow. This applies to climbing incredible distances and breaking through the roughest materials.

They are persistent beings and will scavenge in the most lethal environment if that means a huge success for their colony. We can see this example when ants dig through cracks and holes just to make way for their passage.

Ants can eat a wide range of materials including glue. If a patch of glue is standing between them and their resource, they will gnaw and chew on it just to make passage through.

Although this might be rare, ants can really do it if they want to. Ants usually prefer the easier route while they are gathering supplies for their nest even if that means taking the longer route. But if nothing else is available nearby, they will certainly eat glue to meet their objective.

Is Glue Toxic to Ants?

Sealing outdoor ant holes with a bucket full of hot black glue to prevent ant infestations
Bucket covering an ant colony entry hole with hot black glue to seal it tight.

The majority of glues are 98% made with natural ingredients and as long as there are no solvents and acids, usually, those glues are not toxic. However, eating glue can lead to the blockage of the gastrointestinal tract (from the stomach to the intestines).

Ants’ anatomy is completely different from human anatomy but is quite possible that when ants eat glue, it will block their digestive system. It is always wise to mention that not all glues are marked safe from toxicity. If ants are just walking on dry glue nothing will particularly happen.

Can Glue Stop Ants?

You can be surprised by what ants can achieve when they set their clawed feet onto work. Most of the time if you have a good glue thickness covering a hole that was used by ants, it will stop them from coming in again.

But if you only have a small layer of glue, ants might try to chew on it in order to make passage for them again.

Can Ants Eat Through Hot Glue?

Hot glue is basically the same as the other glues minus some composition differences. But once it’s dry it will also be sturdy and fixed into its place. And like other glues, ants will be able to eat through it if they really want to.

However, this is a rare scenario. Ants prefer to get the most with less effort, and chewing through a good wall of glue is a waste of their energy. As long as there are resources somewhere else, ants will leave a glue patch alone.

Do Ants Like Elmer’s Glue?

Ants do not like eating glue, nor Elmer’s glue. But if you are trying to cover a hole with Elmer’s Glue and ants are still using it as a passage, they might try to clean it out before it’s dry. Of course, they will not succeed in that task but it’s ants’ nature to do it so.

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Are Ants Attracted to Sticky Stuff?

Sticky stuff can indeed attract ants, you can observe this behavior when a spill occurs on the floor. If you leave it for a while ants will gather around it. This may be one of the reasons why ants feel attracted to glue.

Since the glue is sticky as well, ants might get confused with the glue’s texture as it is somewhat similar to the one found in sweet foods. Fruit juice spills are sticky and attract ants immediately, especially if they are from strawberries, apples, or grapes.

Does Sticky Tape Stop Ants?

You can use double-sided sticky tape to create a temporary barrier and keep ants outside your place. This will not serve as a long-term solution but can aid you for a day or two, while you work on a permanent solution.

If ants try to enter your house and you have the sticky tape in place, they will get stuck on it and this will prevent their invasion. If many ants try to do it so, unfortunately, they will do an ant bridge and the others will pass on top of them.

This is why sticky tape is only a temporary solution. Line it on your floors, alongside walls, on counters, and wherever you see an ant line passing by.

Will Glue Traps Catch Ants?

Glue traps are super sticky and they are very effective against ants. They are able to capture a large number of ants without letting them escape. They may also capture other bugs along with ants, but that won’t reduce their efficiency.

How Do Ant Glue Traps Work?

Ant glue traps are made to attract and capture ants by gluing them and ultimately killing them. They are made of cardboard and they use a fine layer of sticky glue to trap ants. They also have a strong aroma that is incorporated purposely to catch them.

How Often Should You Replace Ant Glue Traps?

Ant glue traps should be replaced every 3 months or sooner in order to maintain their efficiency. They can last longer in certain conditions but usually, they become very dusty and full of moths. That’s why every manufacturer recommends their replacement over that period of time.

Can I Use Glue to Cover Ants’ Entry Holes?

You can definitely use glue to cover ants’ entry holes but be watchful in the following week that you’ve used it. Ants can be persistent to the point of chewing through glue, even if it means their death.

Keep an eye on your glue patch, and if they are still going for it, make arrangements for a better solution to seal those holes.

Is It a Good Idea Do Use Glue to Keep Ants Away?

When you have nothing at hand it might be a great help to use glue to keep ants away. Keep in mind that this will not work for every situation, so be creative when it comes to using it.

You don’t need necessarily to cover a huge hole with glue, you can use glue to attach other material into the huge hole and still prevent an ant infestation for the time being.


While ants may eat glue, it definitely isn’t the best menu for them and they are conscious of it. But ants’ nature may sometimes overwrite their thinking and they might eat glue if that means saving a whole colony.

If you are trying to keep ants outside by gluing a small entry point, it might result well and you probably won’t need to worry more about it. Just keep an eye on it from time to time.