Can Rat Poison Kill Snakes?

Poison is a well-known popular method to kill any rodents that may be a burden to a household, farms, and other structures. But utilizing it for pest control may come with some hazards. Poisoned animals may end up dying between walls, leading to terrible smells inside a house and very expensive cleaning service bills. Some …

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Do Snakes Take Revenge on People?

Snakes unfortunately have a bad reputation thanks to mythological stories and some Hollywood blockbuster hits. This led to creature some cult of snake fear among humans. And thus the stigma of killing them at first sight. Some snakes can certainly kill a human with their venom in a matter of minutes, this is why many …

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Do Snakes Make Noise at Night?

Reptiles like snakes can use many sounds to express themselves and, act accordingly in various situations. Most of these sounds are destined to deter predators rather than attack prey. Snakes can make a great range of sounds. These can vary from growling to hissing and as expected, different snakes will have different sound capabilities, some …

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