Can Rat Poison Kill Snakes?

Poison is a well-known popular method to kill any rodents that may be a burden to a household, farms, and other structures. But utilizing it for pest control may come with some hazards.

Poisoned animals may end up dying between walls, leading to terrible smells inside a house and very expensive cleaning service bills. Some animals like snakes can have an important role in your local ecosystem, so before using any kind of poison you should always consider your decision of using it.

Under laboratory conditions, rat poison wasn’t strong enough to kill snakes. They are not able to eat rat poison by itself, usually, they end up eating prey who is already poisoned by rat poison. If any other predator proceeds to eat the poisoned snake, it will die from the rat poison.

Can a Snake Eat Rat Poison and Still Live?

Snake with the tongue out, posing near a white dead rat beside it inside a snake aquarium.
Snake inside a snake aquarium with a white dead rat beside it.

Snakes have great survival chances against rat poison, even if a snake consumes rats that have the maximum amount of rodenticides they will not die from secondary poisoning. But bare in mind that a poisoned snake can indeed spread poison through its surrounding ecosystem.

How Can a Snake Eat Rat Poison and Still Live?

A study conducted by Curtin’s University ecologist Damian Letoof concluded that poisoned reptiles – such as snakes – who use their energy slowly, shed their contaminants over a long period of time, even if the consumed poison is at a low concentration.

Will a Snake Die if It Eats a Poisoned Rat?

It is proven that a poisoned rat is not enough to kill a snake, even if it eats the whole rat. A snake’s digestive system is able to break down poison in a way that will not harm the snake at all.

How Can I Kill a Small Snake Using Any Spray?

Not every spray can kill a snake, only wasp sprays are able to kill snakes. This is due to the high-level chemicals contained in the solution. A small amount of it, will probably only result in the snake going to the opposite direction, but in huge quantities, the chemicals enter the snake’s system and end up killing them.

Would a Snake Die if We Spray Insect Spray to It?

The only spray effective enough to kill a snake is a wasp spray, however, due to legal protection and other laws that protect snakes, you should not kill them at all. It is very hazardous to go after snakes with dangerous chemicals with the intention of killing them.

Can I Spray for Snakes?

Spraying for snakes is efficient if you are using an effective snake repellent, make sure to open a clear path so the snake can escape once you spray it. You can use clove and cinnamon oil mixed together in a spray bottle. Spray it directly for maximum effect.

Can You Spray Against Snakes?

You can and should spray against snakes as an alternative to killing them. Cedarwood, cinnamon, and clove oils are super effective against snakes, when they hit the snake’s eyes, they start running in the opposite direction. They don’t possess eyelids as humans do, but they do have a transparent shield that protects their eyes, so rest assured because your spray won’t blind them at all.

How Can I Kill a Snake With Poison?

Yes, you can, calcium cyanide is a chemical used very often for killing snakes that hide in burrows. Also, there are certain insecticide sprays that are used as a hand sprayer to kill them as well.

How Can I Kill a Snake Without Poison?

You can kill a snake without poison by using bleach, it is an effective way to kill a snake but it’s not legal to do it so. Snakes are not tolerant to the smell of carbolic acids, but they are also at risk of poisoning, either by inhaling or digesting the chemical. Always search for a better alternative to repel snakes, in preference, one that lets the snake escape and live.

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How Can Someone Safely Kill a Poisonous Snake?

The best approach when trying to kill a snake is to let it escape, this is the first step in not getting hurt by a venomous snakebite. Observe it from a distance and open a path so it can escape without any borders. A study done by the North Carolina State University showed that 80% of the people hurt by venomous snakebites, were either trying to capture or kill the snake.

Snakes don’t have a structured sense of territory, this is why they end up going inside homes. Many conflicts between snakes and humans usually don’t end well for snakes. If you encounter a snake give it the opportunity to escape. Otherwise, if it threatens your life, kill it fast with a blow to the head, this will be less painful for the snake (and most humane too).

Can Dogs Kill Snakes?

Usually, it’s not the first instinct of a dog to kill a snake, but there are some breeds that will be prone to do it so. A hunting dog will definitely have an active role in chasing and killing snakes. The common dog can bark at it but will tend to stay away from a snake that is ready to attack.

Will Snake Bites Kill Dogs?

Snake bites on dogs can be fatal. They will cause the paralysis of the respiratory (breathing) muscles. This can happen up to 24 hours later. If a dog is bitten by a snake, try to identify the snake species and take your dog immediately to the vet.

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Can Boiling Water Kill a Snake?

The only way boiling water will kill a snake is if it hits it directly, but even so, there is always the risk for the snake to survive the attack and strike back. If the snake runs away, it will have many burn wounds and will likely suffer a lot.

This is not the most effective method to deter a snake, and it’s neither humane nor painless. Always try to aim for the snake’s escape, open a clear path so it can run away, or trap it and call animal control to handle its removal.

Should You Use Rat Poison to Kill a Snake?

There are far better solutions that don’t use rat poison to kill a snake. It is proven that it’s much more efficient and safer to deter snakes than to actually kill them. You can always mix some strong oils, or make way for snakes to escape from your home.


As we could state in this article, snakes are an important part of the ecosystem, so you should preserve them, in any way you can. This does not mean you have to get yourself in danger because of them, but rather be informed and prepared in case of an encounter. If you are well prepared, chances are, at the end of the day both you and the snake will be alright.