How to Kill a Snake Without Damaging It

Snakes are resistant beings that can be very hard to terminate, but you should always have an ethical obligation to ensure that its end is done in the most humane matter possible.

The best way to do this is to deliver something that will result in immediate loss of consciousness of the snake and the destruction of the brain, but if you want to keep it intact using this method, it will not be possible.

The two best options to terminate a snake without damaging the body are to suffocate it with a CO2 mixture in a sealed container or to freeze it in a freezer, but that would not be humane at all. The snake will suffer for a long period before it dies.

CO2 procedure should only be used for venomous snakes in that no handling is necessary and the freezing procedure should only be done for anesthetized snakes.

Why Should You Kill a Snake Without Damaging It?

Some people like to capture wild snakes and get them mounted by a taxidermist, this is why it’s so important to them, to kill the snake without any damage to the body. Others want to do the same thing but to to a pet snake who is sick or dying, in those cases the recommended procedure is to go to the vet and get it euthanized.

How Do You Humanely Kill a Snake?

One of the most humane ways to kill a snake is by destructing its brain with a quick blow on the middle and just posterior to the eyes. This way the snake brain will not process the pain going through the body itself. You will need some care to perform this method properly, otherwise, the snake can suffer a lot.

After the brain is destroyed you can overcompensate by decapitating the head of the snake, this will guarantee that the brain will not receive any body input.

What Is the Most Humane Way to Kill a Snake That Is Already Dying?

There are certain situations than will influence the choice of the method you can deliver to kill the snake. If the snake has been accidentally run over by some car or anything else, then this will be a decision that is very time-sensitive.

The more you wait on a partially crushed snake, the more it will suffer. When this happens, the best way is to deliver a blow to its head and destroy its brain. After the brain is destroyed the snake will die definitely and will not feel more pain.

If the snake is intact but it is very sick or has any other reason – such as spine deformation – that will reduce the chances of survival, then you should take it to a vet and get it euthanized. The usual method for euthanizing a snake is by injecting barbiturates into the vein or into the coelomic cavity of the snake.

What Kills Snakes Around Your Home?

Natural predators are able to kill all the snakes around our house, you can also use poison to do this. However, snakes have an important role in the ecosystem that surrounds them, sometimes is easier to relocate the snake or use snake repellents to keep them away.

Bonus: Cowboys were “geniuses” in keeping snakes away with this trick. 🤠🤣🤣🤣

Is It Ok to Kill Snakes?

There are scenarios where it’s ok to kill snakes, if the snake is suffering extreme pain, then the most humane thing to do is to kill it and end its misery. Nobody likes to see an animal suffering the horrors of extreme pain.

The other case where is it ok to kill a snake is, if it has permanent damage or deformation, that will deny a life without quality or dignity. A deformed snake will not be able to survive on its own, and keeping it in an aquarium without being able to move is not humane as well.

Should I Kill a Baby Snake?

It may seem cruel the thought of killing a baby snake, but there are times when this is needed to do. If the baby snake is physically impaired it will not be able to grow normally and it won’t survive. Prolonging the existence of this being will only prolong its suffering throughout the extent of time.

Can Salt Kill Snakes?

Salt is not an effective method to kill snakes, in fact, salt will do nothing at all to keep them from coming indoors. There are far better methods out there to kill snakes, and you can also do some snake prevention, so they will stay outside.

Will Gas Kill Snakes?

Any gas when used against snakes will not be effective in killing them unless they are in a sealed tight compartment. In case they are, snakes end up dying suffocated by it. Some snake hunters like to use gas in snake holes and burrows so that the fumes will force the snake out.

The problem with this is, that the snake will not really die, it will run away if it can, and unfortunately, you will be poisoning the ground. and that is not very eco-friendly.

Can Cats Kill Snakes?

Cats can indeed kill snakes (even the poisonous ones). But, the aftermath of the fight can be very alarming to many cats. They can get hurt or paralyzed/die if the snake has high levels of poison in its body.

Will Pouring Kerosene on a Snake Kill It?

Most snakes will become angry if you pour kerosene into them, the only way kerosene is able to kill a snake is if they ingest it. There are only two outcomes of this scenario, the snake will attack you, or it will run away.

Should You Kill a Black Snake?

It is preferable that you try to scare away a black snake than to actually kill them. Although black snakes are nonvenomous, most of their bites are painful and full of bacteria. This can lead to bad infections.

They also eat a lot of lizards and rodents, if you have too many of them around (especially mice), you probably want to keep their prospering under control. Black snakes are great with that. If you ever get used to them, they’re handy to be around.

Will a Dead Snake Attract Other Snakes?

Male snakes are known to attempt to mate dead female snakes, but only during the breeding season. It is possible for a dead female snake to attract males because they are not able to understand death, they only follow the chemical cues from the female’s body.

Is It a Good Idea to Kill a Snake Without Damaging It?

Unless you are a professional taxidermist who mounts snakes for a living (even taxidermists don’t kill animals, they are already dead when they work on them), there is no really good reason to be killing snakes in cruel ways just to conserve the body for whatever reason.


There are many ways to kill snakes without damaging their bodies, but even so, that doesn’t mean you should. If you need help in ending a snake’s suffering always consult your pet’s vet or a snake expert, they will be able to help you out better than anyone.