Does Honey Attract Cockroaches?

Cockroaches don’t just travel miles for no reason, although it may seem completely random sometimes, that is not really the case. Common cockroaches are attracted to human foods, just like other pests.

Honey is one of the many foods that attract cockroaches, common cockroaches are able to taste it and eat it. And they’ll be very happy after eating it too! If you want to know more about how honey satisfies roaches just keep reading.

Cockroach infestation running around among poop on the floor
Dirty floor with a lot of small cockroaches running around.

Why Does Honey Attract Cockroaches?

Some species of roaches, like the common German Cockroach, are prone to be very attracted to sweet foods. What can we say.. they have a sweet tooth! And that is the reason why honey, caramel, sugar, or sweet syrup will attract so many roaches to it.

If a cockroach has been very exposed to gel baits for some generations, it will lose the ability to taste sweets. Instead of good taste, it will be turned bitter. So, the sweet ends up having the opposite effect, the roach will be repelled by it and will react to it as if it was of citric taste.

But don’t count that this is common sense for all the roaches, it really depends on what they’ve been exposed to.

Did you know: House geckos love to eat cockroaches!

Other Foods That Attract Cockroaches

Before we start, you should keep in mind that cockroaches will eat basically almost anything. They are omnivorous trash machines. Roaches will devour garbage, fruits, vegetables, dead bugs, and everything they can find.

Just to have an idea, cockroaches can survive just by eating human and animal hair, fingernail clippings, spots of grease, and soiled clothes. Young roaches many times eat adult droppings in order to survive. If there is a source of edible available, trust me, they will eat it.

Some studies reveal that despite that, these pests will prefer certain foods over others. Who would have guessed they have preferences hun? Just like human beings, if there is a chance to get a balanced diet, they will stick to that.

High protein foods and starches are one of the main choices, especially if it’s moist food (just like dog and cat gourmet). Here are the top foods that attract roaches into your house.

1. Meat

Meat is probably the best source of protein out there. The smell of meat can drive roaches crazy, the fat and protein of the meat can provide a nice meal with lots of calories for a cockroach.

They are constantly searching for beef, chicken, and other meats that humans usually eat. They will consume it cooked and raw. Even if you spill some while cutting or cooking, they will come later and feast on it. They do love meat leftovers, so now you know.

2. Sugar

Sugar is attractive to anyone, and roaches are no exception. Sugar is one of the most coveted cockroach lures out there. They simply are attracted to it like there is no tomorrow. Any kind of sugar will be enough to attract those roaches.

Soda counts as well due to the high concentration of sugar in it, if you are a regular tea drinker and use sugar, make sure to keep it tightly sealed. Roaches can smell, fresh spilled sugary drinks on the floor, this is also true for fruit juice (natural or processed).

They’ll love to eat fruit from trash (especially fermented ones). Baked goods, candy, and any other sweets may join this list because they are no exception.

3. Cheese

Cockroaches may not drink wine with it, but they sure love a slice of good cheese, especially if it has a strong smell. Bits and chips of cheese on the floor that are rotting in a corner will make some roach’s day.

4. Grease

Grease is probably one of the most abundant sources for roaches, it’s no wonder they love greasy kitchens. This is why it’s so important to clean a kitchen well, anything with grease and roaches will go after it, doesn’t matter where.

5. Starch

This carbohydrate is the natural component of most plants, including grains, vegetables, and fruits. It’s no surprise that roaches love them. It makes the perfect meal, especially with some tomato sauce leftover from a discarded pizza box, or even from a paper bag with some food still in it.

6. Garbage

Garbage composes 90% of the major food source, for many cockroaches all around the world. The strong smells in a garbage bag will bring many roaches looking out for a meal. The more rotten food exists in that bag, the more buffet it becomes to cockroaches.

Fun fact: Why do many cockroaches stand still for days?

How to Avoid Attracting Cockroaches Into Your Food?

In order to avoid cockroaches being attracted to food, such as honey and other sweets, you’ll need to take some precautions.

  • If you spill something sweet or sticky on the floor, don’t forget to clean it and mop it afterward.
  • Keep your food sealed in air-tight containers, glass jars, and plastic bags, so the smell won’t attract any roaches around.
  • Empty your full trash bags at least once a week, if the trash is full, don’t keep it around, if possible before nighttime.
  • Store your pet food in a container if it comes in a card box, before storing it away.


Despite being a little bit hard, always try to limit easy access to food to roaches, the more you think this through, the easier will be to dispose of many cockroaches that come into your place.