Ants Can’t Die in the Microwave: This Is Their Secret

Everybody hates the fact that now and then ants appear to ruin your mood. Nobody has time to deal with an ant infestation, especially with electronic devices you need to use every day.

Such is the case with the microwave. Ants infest it for many reasons but truth is, you need to get them out as soon as possible. Even if you use it with some of them in, they will not die.

Ants can survive the microwave wavelengths because they are too small to be affected by them. Ants are small creatures who do not contain enough water in their bodies when compared to others. This simple aspect prevents the microwave from being able to “cook” ants alive.

Two hands hold a glass cooking bowl full of ants with a microwave in the background.
Hands holding a glass cooking bowl full of ants near a microwave.

Why Am I Getting Ants in My Microwave?

Ants infest microwaves in search of food for their colony. When microwaves cook food, the heat waves may cause some food to pop, this leaves little crumbs here and there. What happens, is that ants love these crumbs of food, because it serves as provisions for ants.

If you don’t cover your plate while heating it in the microwave, there are big changes for that to happen.

Another reason why ants infest microwaves is because of smell, when you heat food in the microwave it releases scent in form of vapor. If you don’t clean your microwave regularly, that vapor sticks to the microwave walls thus creating a strong scent that will attract many ants to it.

Can Ants Damage a Microwave?

Microwaves can become quite damaged by ants, even if you don’t see them. Ants can infest the electronic boards of your microwave and use them to their benefit. You won’t be able to reach them or kill them if they infest your microwave from the inside out.

If that happens, you will only be able to get rid of them by taking your microwave to a service repair center. This is why it’s important to deal with ants right away. Even if you see just a small ant, be watchful to where did it come from.

Can Ants Provoke a Fire Hazard in My Microwave?

This is one of the biggest problems with ants, if they infest your microwave circuit board, they can die in there, and dead ants attract more ants. The cumulative of ants in a circuit board may generate unwanted heat and may provoke a fire hazard.

It probably will only happen during the time you are using the microwave, but there is also a chance that it might happen while you are not using it. This can be extremely dangerous, especially at night when everybody is sleeping.

Can Ants Provoke a Shock Hazard in My Microwave?

Another thing ants may provoke in a microwave is a shocking hazard, although not so common as a fire hazard, the accumulation of dead ants in the microwave power supply board, may bridge electricity from one place to another.

If that bridge ends up touching the chassis of the microwave, you can get an electric shock from it. Not to mention that it may also heat unwanted components leading to a fire hazard.

Ants are definitely not welcome near a microwave, and you should be vigilant about their presence.

Do I Need to Move My Microwave to Other Location Due to Ants?

Sometimes when you are dealing with ants, if the infestation is not on the microwave per se, it can be a good idea to move it elsewhere temporarily, to clear the area out.

When moving your microwave to another area while clearing the main infestation spot, be sure to check your microwave for ants’ presence, so you won’t end up leaking the infestation even further.

If the infestation is definitely on your microwave, there is no need to move it out. You can treat it right there on the spot. If it makes sense to move it out so ants won’t infest other electronics nearby, then go ahead and do it.

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How to Get Ants Out of Microwave?

There are several ways to get ants out of a microwave, and there are also some tips you can follow, so they won’t be doing that again, such as:

Getting Them Out

  • Before doing anything unplug your microwave and leave it for 5 minutes to dissipate any energy it might have.
  • Take out all of the accessories (glass tray, turntable support, and roller) so it will be an easier task to remove any live ants that are present on the inside.
  • Check the back and the bottom of the microwave for more ant presence, eliminate them if seen in there too.
  • After the removal is done, wait to see if the ants persist to appear, if so and in big quantities, you’ll need to take your microwave to a repair shop.

Pro tip: Never attempt to service a microwave by yourself, they can accumulate enough energy on the inside enough to kill a human being.

Preventing Them From Returning

  • One of the best ways to prevent ants is by cleaning your microwave regularly, you can do this after using, it or on a weekly schedule.
  • If the food you’ve prepared with the microwave pooped some pieces, clean it afterward.
  • Is it a good idea to avoid cooking food with too much fat or even fish in a microwave, even if you clean it, the scent may stay attached to it for a good while.

Is It a Good Idea to Microwave Food With Ants?

You can microwave food with ants, it won’t kill them and your food will get done anyway. But, that might not be the best idea ever. For starters, food that is infested with ants might become contaminated with other bacteria.

And second, while your food is being prepared in the microwave, ants can infest other areas inside of the microwave, aggravating, even more, your ant infestation problem.

Can You Spray Raid in Microwave to Kill Ants?

Raid will kill any insects that might be on your microwave, ants will be no exception. But you really should avoid it, unless you are going to clean it thoroughly after using raid.

Pesticides should be avoided in spots where you place your food. Raid is no exception because the next time you’ll use your microwave to prepare your food, it will contaminate it.

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Should I Buy Another Microwave?

There is no real reason for you to buy another microwave just because you have an ant infestation on it.

The only scenarios in which that might apply are: if the infestation is beyond repairable (in extreme cases), or if the microwave is really old and it not worth repairing.

If those are the cases, bag your microwave and dispose of it properly. It might be wise to do it immediately, or ants may infest other electronics nearby.

Can I Use My Microwave on the Same Day I Eliminated the Ants?

As long as you don’t notice any ants presence in your microwave, you can use it normally as you would. If you decide to use pesticides on your microwave, it might be better if you leave it for a couple of hours or a day to dissipate the residues and then clean it very well before using it.


While ants may not die when a microwave is heating, there are always solutions to get rid of them. When seeing an ant in your microwave, always take the appropriate measures to dispose of it before the problem gets worse.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on it for a couple of days, to see if your initial intervention was enough. Happy microwaving!