Why Doesn’t Seattle Have Cockroaches? Here’s Why

There is nothing more pleasant than going for a walk at sunset and never having to deal with flying cockroaches all around you. Seattle stands out in that premise even in busier commercial areas, and it probably won’t slow down so soon.

It may be not the cleanest city in the world but Seattle has some tricks on its sleeve thanks so the climate conditions present there. As the city grows and the population count gets denser garbage also increases, but not cockroach numbers, and here’s why.

Seattle’s climate is very cold and cockroaches are unable to hatch their eggs and reproduce in those conditions. However, you can still find cockroaches in warm places and heated households, but only a few of them are on the streets.

An army of human-like cockroaches suggesting how would they look like if they evolved like humans
Fictional picture showing the possible evolution of a cockroach with human traits.

Main Reasons Why Seattle Has Fewer Cockroaches

We all know Seattle is one of the most problematic cities in the US when it comes to trash problems. Seattle indeed has a trash problem, but even with that thanks to the following reasons, it is not the perfect place for cockroaches to thrive among Seattle citizens.

1. It’s Really Cold on the Streets

As if Seattle wasn’t already cold enough, with climate changes the nights became colder than before. Cockroaches’ eggs do not develop or reproduce when you have cold temperatures below 45º F.

Although Seattle nights are moderated with minimum temperatures dropping below 70ºF, due to wind, sea breeze, and other factors many eggs end up dying thus reducing the cockroach population count.

2. Most Places Haven’t Got Internal Heating

If roaches cannot reproduce outside, they will try to do it indoors. But even indoors that have food and water cannot help the cockroach population to rise if there is no heating to take care of their baby eggs.

However, there are a few of them who have it, this is observable in public establishments and better condominiums. Cockroaches tend to search for heated households in order to survive and prosper. So it is quite normal to find them, especially in areas that gather those wonderful conditions.

3. There Are a Lot of Natural Predators

Another thing that slows down cockroaches in Seattle is its natural predators. Roaches are already at disadvantage in Seattle and yet, they still have to face other threats due to their position in the food chain.

Many birds present in the Seattle flora will eat cockroaches and other bugs in their daily diet. Scarcity makes roaches a delicious treat, that only the early bird can get. It must be tough to be a cockroach in Seattle but that’s life hun?

Did you know: Ants can stay still for many days in a row, do you know why?

Are There Bugs in Seattle?

There are many bugs that live in the Seattle area, although it doesn’t have as many bugs as in other country areas it still has some to make it count. There are common bug species in Seattle that can be found in the Pacific Northwest.

Just to name a few of them, there are silverfish, bed bugs, springtails, firebrats, cockroaches, beetles, fleas, flies, and moths. Seattle still has its share of bugs roaming around, you can find a lot more, but these stand out as the average common.

Why Does Seattle Have No Bugs?

Albeit there are bug species in Seattle, its cold climate is not propitious to jump-start an exponential bug population. Bugs need warmer climates so their eggs can develop and hatch. Since this is not the common scenario in Seattle, you will see some bugs but not so often in other areas of the country.

Are Bugs a Problem in Seattle?

Bugs could be a problem in Seattle thanks to their trash increase problem, but since they have rougher weather conditions in their favor, there is no abnormal bug problem there. However, this doesn’t mean that you will never have a bug infestation. If somewhere else, a place gathers the perfect conditions for to bugs thrive, they will not miss the chance to do it so.

Are Cockroaches Common in Washington State?

Cockroaches are more common in Washington than people realize. You just don’t see them that often outside. As long as there is warm shelter, food, and water it is possible for cockroaches to thrive. Although not possible in a daily sight, you can find cockroaches in some sewers that expel vapors and such, it tends to be warmer in those underground piping systems.

Why Don’t You See Many Cockroaches in Washington?

There are times when you can see some cockroaches in Washington, but not many for sure. Cockroaches do like warmer climates. And it is quite natural that they will not thrive that well in colder places.

You can find them in Washington mostly in heated houses, houses that do not possess a heating system are very cold at night. This is one of the main reasons why they are so scarce there.

Does Washington State Have Lots of Bugs?

People who live in Washington state are very fortuned in that matter, it is possible to find a few bug species in Washington but they are not as scary as you might see in other country areas.

Just to name a few of them, it is possible to find: Silverfish, Carpenter Ants, Wasps (although not common), Giant Water bugs, Sting Bugs, and North American Cockroaches.

There are many more, but these are the ones seen more often near and inside households. These bugs don’t make Washington scenarios prettier but it’s still more charming than other states.

How Do You Get Rid of Roaches in Seattle?

You can get rid of roaches in Seattle pretty much the same way you do it in other places. If roaches are unable to get their main resources (water, food, and warm shelter) they will die.

One of the best ways to accelerate this process is to shut down the heating at night, Seattle nights can get pretty cold. This will prevent roaches’ eggs to hatch and they will end up dying.

Also, keep your garbage sealed and don’t let it accumulate too much. Avoid trashing leftovers, use a disposer to get rid of them or if they are small and soft flush them in your toilet (don’t flush bones and bigger pieces because it will clog it).

Is It Possible to Live in Seattle Without Cockroaches?

It is quite possible to live in Seattle without too many cockroaches or even any at all (at least in your home). Just keep their supplies inexistent, don’t give them any resources to thrive.

Keeping everything clean and tidy is the best way to fight cockroaches back. You can always resort to the use of some commercial pesticides if you find traces of them. As soon as you act in the first presence of roaches, the better your chances will be.


Even if there are some roaches around the Seattle area, it doesn’t mean you should worry too much about them. It’s understandable that you may not like their presence, but even so, there are always ways to get rid of them.

Now you know, that just because you don’t see any cockroaches around Seattle, it doesn’t mean there are not there.