5 BEST Ways to Get Rid of Moths in a Car (#3 Is a Winner!)

Cloth moths can infest all kinds of textiles, not only they will ruin your clothes but can also ruin the seats of your car. The key to fighting them is to know how to recognize the early signs of moth infestation.

Although moths are more troublesome in older cars than new ones, they can still damage to a certain degree those new fabrics.

If you start to notice small shiny moths or even tiny holes in your seat covers, then it’s time to do a meticulous inspection because you certainly have moths. To end this ASAP here are the 5 BEST ways to get rid of moths in a car.

How Do I Get Rid of Moths in My Car

pantry moths in car
A huge moth with open wings while posed on a blank sheet under a flashlight, others can be seen in the background.

There are a couple of things you can do to get rid of months in a car such as:

1. Chemical Control

You can always use the appropriate chemicals to get rid of moths from your car. There are many commercial moth pesticides that can really have a positive effect in getting rid of them. The downside is that many car owners don’t like the smell some pesticides leave behind.

Even though there are solutions with aromatic smells or with no odor at all, some people just don’t like them. This takes us to the next solution.

2. Heat Treatment Service

Basically what a heat treatment does is heat the interior of the vehicle to 133ºF, and they maintain that temperature for 15 minutes. Then the vehicle is cool down by venting the exterior air combined with an air conditioner.

This not only disinfects the car but it kills all moths, eggs, and moth larvae that are present in the vehicle fabrics. Some companies state that this solution is a better alternative to get rid of moths in your car than cleaning it with disinfectant spray.

3. Pheromone Traps

These kinds of traps will only attract male moths, females are not interested in them at all. They operate by attracting moths to them and sticking them in there without any chance for escape. Sticky traps are odor-free and are very efficient in capturing moths.

If you have an existing moth infestation they may not be the best solution, because you probably already have females laying eggs like crazy. But if you want to use it to prevent getting moths in a vehicle you are going to stop for a while, you can place these traps inside of it.

4. Vacuuming

Another solution to fight off moths from your car is to do a complete cleaning overhaul in your car. This includes vacuuming every corner and hidden compartment inside your vehicle. This not only will kill adult moths but it will capture larvae moths and any respective unhatched egg that is laying around.

Be sure to repeat after a few days just to make sure you haven’t missed any spot and got rid of every existing moth. If your vacuum uses a bag, don’t forget to empty it after the first cleanse. Moths can end up infecting other areas of your house and we definitely don’t want that.

5. Dry or Steam Cleaning

Dry cleaning or steam cleaning are also great solutions to get rid of moths from the inside of your car. Not also they will disinfect the vehicle but they will leave it clean and smelling good. Some owners might not like them so much as they can be aggressive towards the vehicle fabrics (if the car is very old).

But they can sure be a great alternative to using chemicals. This may give you some peace of mind about the worry of getting contaminated with pesticides. Although it’s an industrial approach, it is not a very aggressive one.

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Why Are There Moths in My Car

Moths have a tendency to appear in vintage cars or in vehicles that spend a lot of time parked. This is due to the fact that moths prefer quiet places to thrive. If moths find an environment where they are free from natural predators, they will remain there to prosper.

This is why you often see moths in older clothes in your wardrobe. They tend to camp on spots that are not in constant change, such as the case of cars that are parked for a long time.

As incredible as it may sound, adult moths lay their eggs everywhere and including car tires. This way they can spread wherever the vehicle goes. They can also lay eggs on the car doors, this facilitates and explains their entrance inside de vehicle.

To be fair, not only adult moths chew textiles. Once a moth’s egg hatches, the moth’s larvae start to feed on fabrics and other soft textiles. Adult moths can lay hundreds of eggs at a time, this explains the sudden increase of moths inside a car.

Will a Hot Car Kill Moths and Get Rid of Them for Good

A hot car that is in the sun will only kill some moths not all of them. Don’t expect cars that are exposed to the sun, to heat in a uniform way capable of eliminating all of the moths. some areas of the car will still be with fresher temperatures, this can give moths a chance to escape.

Only heat treatments can be fully efficient when it comes to killing 100% of moths.

Can I Put Boric Acid in My Car So I Can Get Rid of Moths

Yes, you can boric acid (borax) in your car to kill moths. Applying borax in your car will dehydrate all moths and respective larvae. Borax works by damaging their protective outer shell, leaving them dried and that obviously kills them.

Can I Use Fogger in My Car to Get Rid of Moths

You shouldn’t use a fogger in your car as they are ineffective against moths. Not only that but they are also very toxic and very flammable. If you use them in your vehicle, you will need to leave your doors open afterward. You will also need to clean everything up, as the chemicals present in a fogger are high in toxicity.

Can You Bug Bomb Your Car to Get Rid of Moths

You can use a bug bomb in your car, but beware of this! Bug bombs imply that you will not drive your vehicle for a couple of days, and they can really damage your car’s cosmetics. You will also need to clean everything inside once the bug bomb dissipates as it will contaminate the whole car. If you have small children or pets this is not a safe option.

Can I Spray Insecticide in My Car to Get Rid of Moths

An insecticide should only be used in a car that will remain stationary for at least 24 hours. For a better alternative you can use insecticide strips. They can be placed in a car and left overnight to kill all moths while you sleep. The insecticide will disperse over the hours and will end up killing all moths on the inside.

You will not need to clean your vehicle after using insecticide strips, but if you want to be safe you can always steam clean seats and the remaining surroundings.

Can Moths Eventually Leave My Car

Allowing a moth infestation to persist unchecked will inevitably exacerbate the problem. Moths are prolific breeders, and neglecting the issue will lead to increased harm to the fabrics and textiles within your vehicle. It’s crucial to take action promptly before the situation deteriorates further.

Moths can be quite overwhelming when they infest a vehicle or other spaces. Fortunately, there are numerous effective strategies to combat them.

Identify the ones that best suit your specific situation and implement them without delay. Waiting only allows the damage to escalate further.