Does Febreze Kill Moths? Let’s Find Out.

No one likes to have strange bugs flying around inside the house. This is so true when it comes to moths, they can be particularly annoying when they start to hit you in the face or in your TV.

Although moths are not very problematic, they become a nuisance when you try to kill them. If you squish them they can dirty your walls, your curtains, and other fabrics. Leading to more work than they are actually worth. This leaves us to use some sprays to get rid of them more easily.

An air freshener like Febreze can kill small insects like moths and can be an added value if you have any problem or insect phobia. Just spray Febreze over the desired pesky moth and it will fall down to the floor incapable of flying again.

Febreze to Kill Moths vs Insecticides

Moths circling a spiral light bulb inside a dark room
Group of moths flying around a spiral light bulb in a dark room.

There are some main differences between Febreze and the common insecticide, here’s what we got.

Febreze will only kill moths and other smaller insects like spiders, mosquitos, and ants.An insecticide can kill any type of insect and it’s great with bug infestations.
Febreze can be a weak alternative when compared to commercial pest control products.An insecticide is a definitive solution for killing any pest.
Febreze will leave a soothing odor when used.Insecticides will leave a toxic smell when used.
Febreze is non-toxic to plants, pets, and children as long as used properly.All insecticides are toxic and require you to leave when used in a room.
Febreze is cheap (Less than $4.99)Insecticides can cost up to $19.99 and more.
Febreze vs Insecticides – Advantages and Disadvantages

What Is the Most Effective Moth Killer?

If you are looking for an effective moth killer then Cedar is your solution. Cedar is one of the best moth repellers out there, second to that there is lavender. If you keep them in your house, moths will not come closer by any means thanks to their scent.

But before you do that, please make sure to get rid of your moth infestation if you already have one. Moths can place many eggs during their lifetime. If there are already hatched eggs around your home, moths larvae will metaphor and still cause destruction.

If you have no moths around but still want to prevent them, then having cedar or lavender around will manage to do precisely that.

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What to Use to Kill Moths?

You can kill moths using several methods such as:

  • You can wash your clothing and fabrics with hot water to kill any moths in them.
  • You can also put your clothes and fabrics in high heat in your dryer machine.
  • If your clothes and fabrics cannot be washed or dried in high temperatures, bag them and place them in your freezer for a full day.
  • Washing fabrics and clothes in a large tub with water and vinegar will also do the trick. Don’t forget to scrub the areas where you find traces of moths.

The above methods are aimed to kill any moth, moth larvae, and moth eggs that are deposited in your clothes and fabrics. In clothes, be sure to always check the manufacturer label about washing recommendations, so you won’t be ruining them.

Will Hairspray Kill a Moth?

Although it sounds a little bit unorthodox truth is, that one of the fastest ways to kill moths is by using hair spray. It is a product that is almost present in all households across the world and it’s very useful in these situations.

Hairspray is really sticky and it ends up damaging the wings of flying insects, moths are no exception. Hence it will seal all the moth’s breathing orifices leading to quick suffocation and thus killing it rapidly.

Can Deodorant Kill Moth?

Deodorant sounds like a great moth killer but in reality, it isn’t. Deodorant doesn’t have any pesticides to kill a moth, however, it can still put some flying moths down. How come? Well, the deodorant spray is very humid, and when used in a flying moth it will make its wings heavy and wet.

Moths are unable to fly if their wings are wet, this will make them fall off. When they are on the ground, you just need to kill them, either by stomping or with something else at your desire.

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How Do I Kill a Moth?

You can easily kill a moth by:

  • Using physical strength, you can squish moths, stomp them, or do anything that incapacitates them physically.
  • You can use elements such as freezing, water, heat, and compressed air to put moths down for good.
  • Direct sunlight combined with some vigorously brushing will take care of most of the moth’s eggs and larvae.

What Kills Moths Instantly?

Using a good disinfectant is a great way to put an end to a moth infestation. Natural ingredients such as white vinegar or some commercial solution such as a formulated moth killer spray are great ways to kill moths instantly. For better results combine with a fresh wash, it will guarantee full effectiveness.

Is It a Good Idea to Use Febreze to Kill Moths?

It is really up to you to decide if you want to use Febreze to kill moths or not really. Febreze can be a good alternative if you don’t want to use any pesticide in your house. You can always use a piece of tissue to grab a moth or even open a window if it is nearby.

Some people prefer to use Febreze because it is at hand and because it will resolve their flying moths’ urgency without too much hassle. Febreze will knock moths on the floor and then you just need to sweep them over, and you’re done!


It is a no-brainer task if you want to use Febreze for something simple as killing a moth. Some may say it is a waste of money, but if you don’t really want to spend money on a new insecticide spray, you can use Febreze just for once while you have nothing else at hand.

Although it will not work on major pest insects, it can save you for the time being in getting rid of that pesky moth.