Mosquitoes Can Bite Through Blankets (Unless You Do This!)

There is nothing more annoying than the sensation of uncovering yourself from bed and feeling right away the itch from the bite of a mosquito. It can be really frustrating and some people are even allergic to it.

Mosquito bites can leave undesired marks and generate some impressive bumps on your skin. As if that wasn’t enough, the burning itchy sensation can really ruin your whole day. They tend to attack us when we are most vulnerable, in our bed!

Most mosquitoes cannot bite through the majority of fabrics, but they can bite through thin blankets without any problem at all.

But don’t worry yourself too much, we are going to give detailed tips on how can you overcome this problem and prevent mosquitoes to bite you again from any blanket you use.

Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Through Blankets

how many times can a mosquito bite you

Mosquitoes usually prefer to bite on direct contact with the skin, but if you are all rolled up in a blanket, they have no other choice but to get their meal by piercing through it. Even with that barrier, a mosquito will manage to bite and drain the same amount of blood, as efficiently as in a direct way.

Most mosquitoes can be attracted by the warmth of your body that trespasses thin blankets, and if no other area is available directly, they will pierce the blanket over and over until they reach your skin.

What Materials Are Mosquitoes Unable to Penetrate

Mosquitoes are powerless against the impenetrable shield of graphene, a renowned element in the realm of sportswear.

This remarkable material finds extensive application in crafting a myriad of items, ranging from jackets, trousers, shirts, gloves, socks, to the coziest of blankets.

Graphene, celebrated for its featherweight composition and unparalleled durability, boasts the incredible capability to thwart 100% of mosquito bites with unwavering efficacy.

Can Mosquitoes Bite Thru Fabric

Yes, most mosquitoes will bite through the fabric, especially if it’s thin and tight-fitting. It may not be their preferred method but they will do it anyway. As long as they can achieve a meal, they won’t mind going through it to feed themselves.

How Many Times Can One Mosquito Bite You

A single mosquito can bite you multiple times during a feeding session.

When a mosquito lands on your skin, it typically probes with its mouthparts to find a suitable blood vessel. If successful, it will insert its proboscis into the vessel and start feeding.

During this feeding process, a mosquito can take several small sips of blood. Each time it pierces your skin and feeds, it can be considered a “bite.”

So, during a single encounter with a mosquito, it’s possible for it to bite you multiple times, often in quick succession.

This is one of the reasons mosquito bites can be so itchy and leave multiple red, swollen bumps on your skin after an encounter with these pesky insects.

Can Mosquitoes Bite You in Your Bed

It is precisely in bed that mosquitoes love to bite people. When a human is resting in a bed, respiration CO2 levels rise.

Female mosquitoes are prone to be attracted to high carbon dioxide levels (CO2). And since you are resting or sleeping, you will not feel the mosquito bite right away thanks to their saliva making the pierced area numb.

This is one of the main reasons why mosquitoes bite humans in their sleep. Many people wake up to the itch of a mosquito bite or with huge bite welts on their skin in the morning.

Can Mosquitoes Bite Through Pajamas

A mosquito will be able to bite through your pajama with no problem at all unless it is a winter pajama and it has a thick fabric. Many pajamas have thin fabric so they can allow your skin to breathe during the night.

This makes them much more comfortable but also weak against the attack of mosquitoes and their infamous bites. The higher percentage of mosquito bites is more likely to happen during sleep time, so it’s natural that you only feel them when you wake up.

Can You Wake Up With Mosquito Bites

The majority of people don’t wake up while they are being bitten by a mosquito, but they can wake up with the sound of mosquitoes flying around their ears. Only people with sensitive skin can feel a mosquito bite at the time of occurrence.

There are also people who have a severe allergy to mosquito bites, they can get an immediate reaction when it’s happening, and this can also cause them to wake up to mosquito bites.

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How Do I Avoid Getting Bitten by a Mosquito While Sleeping

There are a number of things you can do to prevent mosquito bites while sleeping among them are:

  • Use a good mosquito repellent in your body, apply it to your skin and let it dry properly before dressing your pajama.
  • You can use a mosquito zapper to hunt down any mosquitos present in your room, it is best to set it up a few hours before going to bed.
  • Buy some graphene blankets, they will not allow mosquitoes to bite through the fabric and reach your skin. Graphene blankets can regulate the temperature whether it’s winter or summertime.
  • If mosquitoes are entering through your open windows, get some mosquito nets and apply them as soon as possible. Mosquitoes will not be able to enter your room if the window is protected with a net.
  • If it is summertime, point a moving fan into your bed and let it on during sleep. Mosquitoes are bad aviators and they will fly away at the slightest change of wind.

Do Mosquitoes Crawl Under Clothes

In a typical situation, mosquitoes will not crawl under your clothes, but they can fly under your radar and enter large sleeves or trouser cuffs in order to bite. They will not venture further, but only enough to bite you.

What happens is when you usually realize and feel the bite, the mosquito is already fleeing the scene. This creates the illusion that the mosquito is flying away from within your clothes, and that assumption is wrong.

Can Mosquitoes Bite Through Sweatpants

Yes, they can, spandex sweatpants that are tight-fitting can easily be pierced by a mosquito needle. Only clothes that have specific protection against mosquitoes or have thick fabric are safe against mosquito bites. That is not the case for spandex fabric or yoga pants.

Can a Mosquito Bite Through a Sock

Just like other clothing, unfortunately, yes. Mosquitoes can bite through socks because although being thick, they are not completely solid, and there is usually a lot of space between the threads that compose socks. They are masters at sucking blood through any sock.

How Long Can a Mosquito Live in a Room

A mosquito can live from 4 days to a full month inside a room. After biting, a mosquito can live up to 3 weeks without any food at all. If you are not careful enough, you will have mosquitoes for a long time in your house.

Knowing this, it is imperative to take the proper due diligence to fight mosquitoes off your house as soon as you can.

Can Mosquitoes See in the Dark

Mosquitoes are very intuitive when it comes to coming closer to humans they intend to bite. They let visual cues guide their way through. Even in pitch black, a mosquito will be able to see you in a range of 50 feet without any problem at all.

How Do You Dress Against Mosquitoes Bites

In essence, you can:

  • Use mosquito netting to stop them from reaching you.
  • Opt to use socks and closed-toe shoes.
  • Be careful so you won’t leave any gap of exposed skin, tuck your pants into your socks.
  • Wear long sleeves with closed tight cuffs.
  • Stay away from stagnant water spots, they are breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Can I Stop Mosquitoes From Biting Me Through Blankets

Yes, you can definitely stop mosquito bites through blankets. Start by using a good mosquito repeller just before sleep time and consider buying some graphene blankets if you are constantly being bitten by mosquitos at night.

If you like to sleep with your windows open, have them protected with a mosquito net, this will block 100% of the mosquitoes that enter through there. Preventing mosquitoes will be your best option to succeed in this task. If they are unable to enter your house, they will not be able to bite you.


There are many strategies that can help you fight mosquitos off. A mosquito bite can be really annoying, especially if it itches all day long. Don’t let mosquitoes win the best of you. Start fighting them off with the tips we proposed in this article, and sleep better without those pesky little blood-sucking vampires.