Should You Tip Exterminators? (Here’s What to Do)

Tipping is an ancient practice that made its way to our days, it can be vital to sustaining certain businesses and it can be a plus to motivate workers to go beyond their line of duty to keep customers happy.

Sometimes giving a tip is not that big of a deal and can keep both parties happy. Definitely a win-win situation.

So, if you are wondering if you should tip exterminators know that, a professional exterminator usually doesn’t expect tips, but if they help you do some extra work than they would normally do, tip them $5 to $10. You will be happy and certainly, they will appreciate the gesture too.

When Should You Tip Exterminators

While tipping an exterminator may not seem the norm, there are some situations you may consider such as:

1. Lifting Heavy Weights

If a professional exterminator has to move some furniture around to spray some unreachable corners, that is usually considered extra work, but if they had the goodwill to do it so, due to their professionalism, keep in mind this gesture.

2. Cleaning Any Mess

Spraying a perimeter in pest control may be messy sometimes, and while it’s necessary it doesn’t mean that everything has to be dirty and wet when the service is done. Some pest control professionals have the care to leave things in the best shape they can.

Even if they don’t clean it after (because the spraying needs its time to act and be effective), they can be careful with their boots and other tools, not to leave your home in a complete dumpster. If that was the case, do not forget it.

3. Providing Information

While exterminating pests may be an in-and-out job, some exterminators might want to talk to the customer to provide some tips and best practices in preventing future situations. They are not obliged to do it, but if they do it, be always thankful for that.

Sometimes they might not talk to you (they can be on a schedule), but if you ask for general advice and they go the extra mile, explaining to you the stuff you need to know for the moment, keep that as a good gesture worthy of a tip.

4. Service Satisfaction

The service results always play a role in this one. If you are conscious that your situation is much better now that the job of the exterminator is done, please consider providing some gratification to them.

This service may cost a little bit much, but they have cumulation experience from the years and years in the trade, if they have done a great job don’t be fearful to tip them. It can lead to a great discount in future situations.

When Should You Not Tip Exterminators

As there are reasons to tip an exterminator, there are also situations where you shouldn’t do it.

1. Damaging Goods

Sometimes extermination jobs can go bad for whatever reasons. If during the job, your household items became permanently damaged due to the lack of care or on purpose, that is a good reason to not tip.

But please keep an open mind to it, if the situation was unintentional don’t blame the person over and over. You don’t have to tip them and that is understandable because you need to cover expenses, but there is no need to go overboard with it.

2. Bad Communication

Everybody can have a bad day, but it’s not an excuse to be a bad professional. If an exterminator is not being polite or professional with you for whatever reason, that is the cue to not expect a tip. In extreme cases, you can always dismiss them and ask for another one.

Unless they are a small one-man company, you are always able to call management and ask for a better professional. Don’t be bitter about the situation itself, just move forward with it.

3. Terrible Service

A terrible service may come with many reasons, but it won’t come with a tip. If the service was not what you were expecting, you should state your reasons to the accountable party. That may lead not only to the loss of the tip but also to a full refund (with the right reasons), just the fair about it.

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Is Tipping an Exterminator Rude

In some cultures tipping might be rude, some Asian cultures – like Japan, China, and South Korea – believe that the service philosophy should state, that if the customer received a good job there is no need for a tip. The logic behind it is, that you will eventually return because the service was really great, and therefore tipping is not necessary.

But in some other countries, it is an incentive to go above and beyond when delivering a job. Not that they will not deliver it as a standard, but it can motivate the professional to go even further.

Unless you are in an Asian country, tipping an exterminator is not considered rude, and you should always consider it if you are really satisfied with the results delivered.

Is Tipping an Exterminator an Insult

As a standard, professional exterminators are not expecting a tip in the first place, but they’ll surely appreciate it if they have put in some dedicated effort while doing their job.

When Is Tipping an Exterminator an Insult

If you are not expecting to tip an exterminator, simply don’t do it. Some people offer ridiculous vouchers that are not worth the paper they are printed on or even a hand full of pennies. This will be an extreme insult to a professional who gave their best in serving you. Just say thanks and show appreciation.

When Is Tipping Exterminators Inappropriate

There are some companies that state rigorously you should not tip their employers, if that is the case, you should not tempt the professional with a tip. That would not be appropriate.

  • One reason is that they already know company policies forbid tips, so they will be at a personal financial loss.
  • The second reason is, that professionals exterminator are not expecting any tips, but if you wave that bill around just for teasing, it might lead to an average service (due to that nature).
Extermination car with open doors posing for a photo
Extermination van with all compartments open to show some of the loaded material.

What Happens if You Don’t Tip an Exterminator

While some services require tipping, pest control services don’t require them per se. If you don’t tip an exterminator, that would be ok for them, because they aren’t expecting it in the first place. But if the service was really good and you can do it, please go ahead.

How Do You Tip Exterminators if You Don’t Have Money

Nowadays there are lots of ways you can tip even if you don’t have money on you. You can always use services like PayPal, Apple pay, Venmo, Zelle, Cash App, and others to transfer some money very quickly.

You can always opt to give some extra stuff like:

  • Packaged Foods
  • Drinks (no alcohol)
  • Package Candy
  • Google review
  • Tickets to a game

You get the idea.. If they refuse, just thank them for the service and move on.

Is $10 a Good Tip for Exterminators

Although $10 is not much, when compared to other services, that tip is much appreciated by many exterminators out there. If everyone else would pay $10 for each job they do, it will be a nice collection by the end of the month compared to the no-tip policy they already face.

What Is a Good Tip for a $100 Extermination Bill

Since extermination services don’t require tips, any tip is always a good tip, but you can always be generous about it. For a $100 bill, you should always aim for $10-$20, if you tip less of the middle ground it will be fine too. Just don’t be rude about how you do it.

Tipping exterminators may not be a common practice, but it’s essential to remember that they are just like you, striving to excel in their work. While tipping may seem unusual to some, it can make a meaningful difference in supporting their livelihood.

Cash is the preferred way to show appreciation for your exterminator’s excellent service.