How Are Frozen Mice Killed?

Mice are one of the most versatile beings that could exist, they can serve you or even serve against you. They can be used as pets, food (for other pets), to do experiments or they can even be a huge pest problem. But definitely, there are no limits to what mice can do. When it …

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Do Mice Make Noise When Trapped?

If you’re dealing with a mice infestation, you are probably already familiar with the signs these rodents can make. But even though there are warning signs, such as gnawed items, droppings, and urine odor you can catch them, way before they start to evidence their presence. But, if you are concerned about the noise mice …

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Do Mice Attract Roaches?

Mice and roaches can co-exist in the same environment, and one can indeed attract the other. If no other food source is around mice droppings can attract roaches that come in for a meal. In certain circumstances, they will depend on each other for survival. This can happen in a scenario where mice have no …

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