Do Mice Attract Roaches?

Mice and roaches can co-exist in the same environment, and one can indeed attract the other. If no other food source is around mice droppings can attract roaches that come in for a meal. In certain circumstances, they will depend on each other for survival.

This can happen in a scenario where mice have no other alternative but to eat roaches to survive, and roaches end up eating mice droppings to survive too. It can lead to a point where one is extinct the other. Roaches can cannibalize other roaches if there is a scarcity of food.

How Do You Keep Mice From Attracting Roaches?

Keeping roaches away from mice is as simple as eliminating both pests from your house. If you suspect that you have an infestation of mice and roaches, you have to do something about it. You can try the following:

  • Put all food in sealed tight containers
  • Eliminate any possible entry point (for both mice and cockroaches)
  • Use glue traps or any other trap
  • Put boric acid into crevices or cracks
  • Coat some diatomaceous earth where you have the most activity

After some time, you really need to start cleaning everything up and start planning for future infestations.

Which Is Worse Roaches or Mice?

Truth be told, both species are really bad to have in your household. Mice will destroy your belongings and will contaminate everything in their pass. Sometimes mice damage is beyond reparable in a house.

On the other hand, roaches can also be much worse than mice if you let the infestation without control. Just like mice, roaches pose a serious health hazard, they can damage all of your electronics and can even cause a fire hazard.

Dangers of Mice

Finding out that you are living with mice is very disconcerting, you and your family can get very sick from it. If you come in contact with them and get bit or scratched you will contract diseases. Because of this, you can get serious liver, kidney, and heart damage. This is why it’s so important to treat mice infestations.

One of the most common diseases carried by mice is the hantavirus. It can be caught by breathing the debris contaminated by mice’s urine or feces. It can be fatal if not treated on time.

Note: Mice can do a lot of noise when they are trapped, and can also become quite aggressive, always try to set up traps that finish them quickly, this way it will ease the burden of suffering.

Dangers of Roaches

Roaches are attracted to food and other resources in your house, the smellier the better (or worse). As they move around your house, roaches will drop germs and bacteria in your food and water supply. They prefer especially the kitchen, which is precisely where you prepare your food.

Your kitchen items will be all contaminated once a roach makes a passage on top of it. And in many cases, you won’t even know it, because they are pros at hiding themselves.

Touching areas or eating food that roaches have been on will leave you sick with food poisoning. It will be a serious task to get rid of roaches, they are resilient insects and they can reproduce very rapidly. You need to see them as a serious threat and get rid of them as soon as possible.

Do Cockroach Droppings Look Like Mouse Droppings?

Roach droppings may seem very close in appearance to mouse droppings, but despite their sharing some resemblance in certain aspects, they are different.

What Does Mice Poop Look Like?

Mice droppings are very similar to a grain of rice, they range in size from 3/16 to ¼ inch long. They usually have pointed ends and they vary from a blackish brown color to a gray depending on the diet it’s on.

What Does Cockroach Poop Look Like?

Cockroaches are feces machines, they can really produce a lot. They poop everywhere they go, but the majority of the droppings will be found near nesting and feeding areas. Roach poop will look like dark grains of rice, specks of pepper, or coffee grounds, the size of the dropping is proportional to the cockroach size.

Can Roach Poison Kill Mice?

Cockroach poison is not the best option for mice, there are far better options for getting rid of mice. In fact, mice can eat roach poison without any major consequence. On the other hand, toothpaste can be poisonous to mice but use the proper means to dispose of these pests.

Do Mice Eat Cockroach Bait?

Mice are curious enough to try and nibble anything they can get their hands on, and cockroach bait is no exception. This kind of habit makes mice dangerous creatures because they end up contaminating and destroying more things than they really needed for a meal.

Do Cockroaches Eat Dead Mice?

The answer here won’t surprise you, cockroaches are omnivorous scavengers, which means they will eat any organic food available to them. Dead mice are just a great meal full of protein. Although roaches prefer sweet stuff, they will definitely eat decaying matter in order to survive, if no other food source is available.

Do Cockroaches Feed on Dead Cockroaches?

Cockroaches may eat other dead roaches at all stages of life. Roaches’ priority will always be the species’ preservation and survival. They prefer to eat dead roaches instead of living ones. If things become extreme they feed on each other’s poop or really their own (does it really makes any difference by this stage??).


Now you know why rats can attract roaches and how this messy situation becomes a functional ecosystem. Always remember, when dealing with rats or cockroaches infestation, treat it fast. Your health and your family’s health are at stake, so treat it seriously.