Things that Make Your Home Attractive to Rats

Rats are terrible dirty pests that bring disease and destruction wherever they are, on top of that they are very clever. This means that one of the best ways to get rid of a rat infestation is by preventing their arrival.

Easy access to things like a food source, water sources and garbage will attract rats into your home, but in this article we are going to lay down the top things that make your home attractive to rat species, so you can prevent it and be prepared in case of a rodent infestation.

Rat attracted to your home.

Things That Attract Rats Into Your House

Rats are pests that thrive under very few resources, but if you manage to cut them out from rats, they will go away and leave your place alone. Keep the next items out of rat’s sight and they will not stand a chance to survive in your house.

1. Garbage

These pests can feed on anything that is available, they are constantly searching for edibles. Garbage cans can be a true feast for them and that is why, it is always important to seal your garbage cans every single day!

Or when you least expect you’ll have some rats dinning over your place. If you keep smaller garbage cans inside your place clean them regularly as well.

2. Shelter From Cold Weather

Another thing rats search constantly for is shelter, they need a warm and safe place to thrive, especially in winter time. And a house is the perfect place for that, if a rat senses that a house is breakable and has everything he needs, he will enter it no matter what.

Rats search warm places like heating systems and other appliances to give birth and raise young pups. But this also can cause shorts and a lot of damage to your house. Always keep an eye for rat signs and if you detect anything, get rid of them as soon as possible.

3. Pets

This one is not so obvious but rats can be attracted to food that is already digested and out (yes… poop). If you own a dog or a cat that lives outside or at least that goes to the bathroom outside, make sure their wastes are cleaned after they’re done.

And if their poop is smelly, wash it with water, it will help diffuse the smell. If you feed your pets outside your house, don’t forget to remove the food when their meal is over. A meal is a meal and a rat knows that. Some pets animals are great to get rid of rats.

4. Water

Rats can drink water even from small leaks on the pipe system, leaky pipes can be a source for water that can ensure survival for many months, so make sure you have all of your pipes and hoses closed and fixed.

Other sources of water include dripping sprinkles, faucets, birth baths and pet bowls, make them all unavailable to rats so you won’t give them a reason to camp in.

5. Crops and Other Vegetation

Indoor plants, tree fruits, seeds and other vegetation are one of the rat’s favorite food sources.

They will provide meals, sometimes water and nesting material, this is what makes them so attractive for rats. Tall trees with extensive branches also make a great pathway for rats to enter your house.

There are fences and other deterrents you can use to prevent rats from getting near them. Old trees can make great nests as well, rats can carry grasses and twigs to make a cozy nest inside of them. If you don’t need them, chop them down before it becomes a problem.

6. Nesting materials

A rat’s nest is what separates them from predators and other dangers, that’s why clutter and other nesting materials is almost important as food. It will provide them shelter and protection. They usually use these materials to build their nests near food sources so it can provide them cover in case of escape.

Areas like sheds, basements, attics and garages are perfect for this, so you need to keep a sharp eye while inspecting every corner of them. If you find piles of shredded paper and clutter along with gnaw marks, it is a perfect sign that you have rats.

Other Things That Attract Rats to Your Property

  • Bird feeders will attract birds but also rats because they love to eat seeds, consider it gourmet food for rats.
  • Storing grass seeds outside in the wild is another way to call these rodents in.
  • Having climbing vines or other climbing plants in your house is like having an open door for rats.
  • Piles of wood give rats a great place to build nests and hide.
  • Bags full of grass clippings and trash will provide them protection against dangers.
  • Broken cars can provide housing for many generations of rats.
  • Bowls of water outside are a survival opportunity for rats.
  • Fallen nuts, seeds and fruits provide rats with a nice instant meal.
  • Gardens with vegetables are a open dinner for rats.
  • Bushes and leafy trees make perfect homes for these rodents.
  • Ripped vent screens are an opportunity for home invasion.
  • Open doors for long periods of time are also an invitation in.
  • Crumbs of food and smelly utensils like a BBQ grill can call rats from very far away.
  • Pet doors can also be used to break into your house.

Effective Ways to Rat-Proof Your Home

The best way to keep rats out of your house is to fix everything that they can use against you. This will not also lower their chances but also discourages them to stay or even break in. Some effective ways against rats are:

Check for Holes and Seal All Entry Points

Rats will search every hole they’ll find, they don’t miss any opportunity, inspect your property around regularly looking out for potential entry points and seal them with hard materials such as wire wool and or cement. When they’re sealed make sure to check them from time to time.

Always Store Food in Airtight Containers

Rats teeth are strong and can chew thin plastics and cardboard. When you store rice, pasta or even pet food, use thick containers with tight lids, this will not also secure the items but also will not let their smell spread around.

Use Traps and Bait

You can call for pest control if you don’t want to deal with placing a snap trap or bait in order to terminate rats, but there are some traps that are easy to set up and you can order them online or buy them in some local stores. There are a variety of them so choose wisely for the type of rat you want to exterminate.

Other Fast Tips to Keep Rodent Activity Away From Your Home

  • Keep all of your doors closed, specially the garage door to keep rats outs.
  • Inspect on a regular basis your exterior walls to check for rodent activity, outside walls can have possible entry points, were wild rats may enter.
  • Have a clean home without clutter or food waste lying around, dirty dishes are also an open invitation for rat activity
  • If you have a dead rat outside, properly dispose of it as it may attract others.
  • Rat traps can be very effective to use in rural areas, be sure to make them inaccessible to pets and small children
  • Pick up fallen fruit from the fruit trees on your garden.
  • Keep trash cans closed and garbage bags sealed to prevent rat problems.


Rats are a plague that can spread very quickly, it is imperative to take action as soon as possible. Once the signs of rat presence make themselves clear such as gnaw marks, missing food and droppings everywhere, do something about it.

With these tips you are set to start checking and fixing your rat problem, if you are not sure about dealing with rats yourself don’t hesitate in calling a professional exterminator.