Does Green Alcohol Kill Bed Bugs? (The Best Formula)

Bed bugs are nasty pests that no one wants around they feed on human blood, and they like to do it, especially when they are in bed sleeping with you. They are masters at hiding and they are becoming resistant to certain chemical pesticides.

But what about using green alcohol to kill a bed bug infestation? Is it a good idea? Will green alcohol be an effective method without making use of your credit card? Let’s find out!

Green alcohol can be a friendly ally in repelling and killing bed bugs, but be cautious when using it, there are certain things you should not do. In this article we will show you the best way to use green alcohol against bed bugs, so keep reading.

What is Green Alcohol?

Green alcohol is a type of alcohol that is a variety of rubbing alcohol, this solution usually contains isopropyl alcohol and contains a “green” additive as well as menthol.

There are green alcohol solutions that range from 70% to 90% concentration of alcohol content. The concentration levels determine the effectiveness of the solution. So, for better results stick with the 90% ones.

How do Bed Bugs React to Green Alcohol?

If you are planning to do a homemade bed bug spray using green alcohol then this is the one to use. When bed bugs are wet with green alcohol, they tend to dissolve, the alcohol penetrates the shell, and it will dry it from the inside out. As long as the bed bugs have direct contact with green alcohol they will die.

Will Green Alcohol Kill Bed Bugs Instantly?

As long as bed bugs receive a direct hit with green alcohol spray they will die in a matter of seconds. The best part of all is that green alcohol smells better than regular rubbing alcohol, so you’ll get a nice scent in the air whenever you use it.

Pro tip: For best results, you have to be fast while doing this. Once you start spraying green alcohol on bed bugs, they will run everywhere to hide, some female bed bugs may even lay eggs in their hiding places, so you might miss some because of this. But after a day or two repeat the treatment and eventually you will eradicate them all.

Does Alcohol Kill Bed Bug Eggs and Larvae?

Once bed bugs’ eggs and larvae are sprayed with green alcohol, they will dry as well, just like it happens with regular bed bugs. Be aware, that since they tend to dissolve with alcohol, it might stain the fabric or the material they die on.

Does Rubbing Green Alcohol Repel Bed Bugs?

It is a known fact that adult bed bugs can detect human presence by “smelling” CO2 concentration in the air produced by our breathing. So it is obvious that they hate green alcohol because they usually run from surfaces covered in it.

The strong scent of green alcohol is enough to repel bed bugs, but bear in mind that bed bugs can hide away from the smell, and once it disperses, they can come back again to do their own business.

How to Use Green Alcohol to Kill Bed Bugs – Step by Step

1. Safety Measures

In the first place, there is one thing you should already know, green alcohol is very flammable, which means that is very dangerous to be near any source of flames/heat (like cigarettes, hot bulbs, heaters, high heat surfaces, you get the idea).

Once it dries, green alcohol is no longer flammable, but when you are applying it, keep it away from those sources. Green alcohol usually has a pleasant smell when compared to regular rubbing alcohol, so, if you are sensitive to strong smells be advised because this one is a strong one.

Another thing to have in thought is that you should wear gloves when applying them. If you have sensitive skin, don’t touch directly in it. Be careful when applying green alcohol spray in drafty places so it won’t hit your eyes.

In case you accidentally dropped it in your eyes, wash it immediately with water and contact emergency services. When you are doing this deed, keep small children and pets away from the area you’ll be spraying.

When applying green alcohol you should use:

  • Spray bottle
  • Mask
  • Protective Gloves
  • Protective Goggles

Keep yourself safe and everything should run fast and smooth. In case of doubt leave this job for a professional terminator. Contact one and let him do the work.

2. Detect Where Bed Bugs Are Hiding

It is important to detect and know where bed bugs are hiding, if you want to kill those nasty bed bugs, you’ll need to spray the green alcohol solution in every single one of them for this to be an effective solution.

Otherwise, they will just come back when things are quieter. Smaller eggs might pass undetected to the naked eye, if they are not sprayed, eventually they will hatch. So keep a close eye on the following days, to check the effectiveness of the green alcohol solution.

3. Spray the Infected Area

Some solutions don’t come with a spray bottle, but it is recommended to get one to do this job. Pour your green alcohol into a bottle with a spray nozzle and start terminating those pests.

Make sure you spray every bug you find in the infested room and inspect well every corner and every fold, if you miss a few eggs or bed bugs, the infestation will continue to grow, despite your best efforts.

Negative Effects of Using Green Alcohol to Kill Bed Bugs

Using green alcohol to kill bed bugs may be or may not be the best solution for you and here’s why:

  • Green alcohol only kills bed bugs on contact, if you miss several of them, the infestation will probably return.
  • It is not 100% effective, studies have shown that while using solutions from 50% to 90% concentration neither product killed more than half of the bed bugs.
  • It is very flammable, green alcohol is a combustible substance, and it poses a great fire hazard risk if is used in an environment that has heat or flame sources.
  • If you spray green alcohol on a fabric, it will probably ruin it. Some washers are unable to wash away the green color after is dry on certain fabrics.
  • When using green alcohol, if the substance is not handled with care, it can hurt your health, either through touch or smell. Always wear protective gear.

Tips Regarding the Use of Green Alcohol to Kill Bed Bugs

  • If you are unsure if green alcohol may ruin the surface you are spraying, consider using diatomaceous earth for better results.
  • If you are in a hotel room don’t use green alcohol to spray your bed sheets, instead use more clothing during sleep time or report a bed bug problem to the staff.
  • If the smell of alcohol is too strong for you, try to use a vacuum cleaner, or a steam cleaner instead, both can be an effective way to get rid of bed bugs.
  • It can take a long time and many days of special attention to successfully get rid of large infestations of bed bugs, so please be patient.
  • The use of alcohol should always be done by with extreme caution when unsure always contact a pest expert.


Let your best judgment guide you in using green alcohol against bed bugs, in certain situations, it might be a great idea, but in others not so much. Always be aware of your surroundings before using it, and of course, evaluate the surface on that you’re going to use it. Good luck in cleaning your home of bed bugs.

Surfaces with fabric, wood, and other absorbent materials might become damaged upon contact with green alcohol. In case of doubt always contact your local pest control service, and let them do the work for you. A professional pest exterminator will know always what’s the best solution for your case.