Do Fleas Pop Eggs When You Kill Them

Fleas can be very agile and fast and although fleas can be easily killed, their size and their speed can give them an enormous advantage against our giant hands while trying to grab them. They are extraordinarily thin to help them navigate extremely fast between hairs.

When fleas get popped between two hard surfaces, their eggs get crushed along with their body. Even if they pop an occasional egg during the crushing process it would not survive the outside world, because the egg wasn’t developed enough and ready to be born yet.

Does Popping a Flea Kills It

does popping fleas kill them

You can kill a flea by popping it between your fingernails or a hard surface, but when you have too many, that task becomes almost impossible. One of the best ways to terminate a flea is by drowning it, they can drown really fast because they don’t know how to swim.

What Is the White Stuff That Comes Out of Fleas When You Pop Them

When you are squishing fleas, sometimes a white goo might pop out. This essentially is composed of the flea guts and occasionally flea eggs. As a warning, you should wash your hands properly if you do this, if you happen to swallow it accidentally you might get tapeworms.

When You Kill a Flea Does It Bleed

Sometimes when a flea has fed itself and still has blood in its abdomen, it will leave traces of it when squished. That blood comes from a host, not from the flea itself.

Can You Smash a Flea With Your Fingers

It is possible to smash a flea with your fingers if you end up twisting them by the end. When done with enough force it will make the flea come apart. Fleas have a hard exoskeleton, which makes them very hard to squish with two bare fingers. You’ll get better results if you smash them against two hard surfaces.

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Why Is It So Hard to Squish a Flea

Fleas are very thin and very agile so they can navigate through the host’s body. Their exoskeleton can also be very strong, this makes them very hard to crush, when in danger they will leap very fast from one place to another, making them very hard to grab and squish.

Is One Flea a Problem

As incredible as it may seem, one flea can be a problem. If you have one flea laying around, this could mean two things. You either have an infestation, or you got it from somewhere else. If you find more than 20 fleas, then you got yourself a flea infestation.

Fleas are able to jump up to15 times their own height, they need to accelerate themselves in order to jump that height, but it is quite possible.

Can you see fleas jump

You can see fleas moving around very quickly, but if they jump it is very hard to follow with the naked eye. It is possible though if the background is white or they are in your pet’s belly, it is possible to see them making the move.

Can Fleas Go in Human Hair

Although rare, fleas sometimes make their way onto human hair. When there is no easy prey around, fleas might try their best chances with us humans. Since they cannot grab themselves so good to our skin and our body temperature is not their tropical paradise, they hop into our heads.

The human head has lots of hairs where fleas may roam freely and feed whenever needed, also, it is through our head that we lose the most heat in the whole human body, which makes it one of the warmest places to be in, and fleas will not miss that chance to get aboard.

If My Pet Has Fleas Does That Mean My House Has Fleas

If your pet has more than 20 fleas that means it has a flea infestation – and with that – there is a good chance that your pet bedding is infested with fleas and flea eggs. And an even bigger chance that the eggs are now scattered all around the house.

You will need to take preventive measures (as soon as possible) so it won’t spread even further, flea infestation can have a lot of consequences.

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Can You See Flea Eggs

Flea eggs are so small that they can be difficult to see with the naked eye, but if you pay close attention, you are able to see them. If you manage to grab one on the tip of your thumb or look at them on dark floors, they become perceptible.

What Do Flea Eggs Look Like

When you are able to spot flea eggs, you will see that they resemble very little grains of salt. Usually, in an oval form, they measure around 0.5mm (1/50-inch). They will be translucent, or bright white in color. Sometimes flea eggs may be mistaken for dandruff.

Where Are Flea Eggs Usually Found

Adult fleas will lay eggs wherever they are, this could be in pet’s bedding, on the floor, carpets, and many many other places. Unfortunately, this means that flea eggs can be found everywhere.

The most common indoor places you can find flea eggs are:

  • Dirty floors
  • Beneath beds
  • Beneath furniture
  • Dusty basements
  • In Carpeting
  • In Rugs
  • Between floorboards and cracks
  • In Pet bedding
  • Cushions
  • And upholstery

The most common outdoor places you can find flea eggs are:

  • In the yard
  • On your pet house
  • In the dirt

Fleas burry their eggs when laying them outside. This makes finding them nearly impossible.

What Happens if a Human Eats a Flea Egg

It is very unlikely you will eat a flea egg accidentally, but if you do it on purpose and they hatch, there is a slight chance you’ll get flea tapeworm (Dipylidium Caninum). These worms can grow into adult tapeworms and they will feed themselves on your small intestine. This is the way cats and dogs become infected with tapeworms in their digestive system.

Do Dead Flea Eggs Still Pose a Risk of Re-Infestation

Once the flea eggs are dead, they stay that way. It is impossible for dead flea eggs to hatch into flea larvae, and therefore they will not become functional adult fleas. The only way dead flea eggs pose a risk of re-infestation is if they aren’t really dead at all.

If you still notice flea activity after treatment, that means the initial one wasn’t effective, you’ll need to double down your efforts to control it before it gets worse.

How to Kill Fleas Fast

If you are wondering how to kill fleas fast, one of the easiest ways to do it is to put them in water and let them drown. Fleas can’t swim, so they will quickly drown.

With an infested pet, you can use a flea comb to take them off and drop them in a bucket full of water. It is preferable to do this outside your house, so you won’t risk contaminating the surrounding environment in case one or two escapes during the removal process.

How Do You Know the Fleas Are Gone and You’ve Killed Them

Once you start a flea prevention and infestation treatment the adult fleas will be gone within days, but the eggs may reside on the floors for quite a while. If you are using a flea treatment, the floors should not be washed for at least two weeks.

This will give a chance for the flea remedy to kill any eggs that stayed behind, after that it is safe to sweep, vacuum, or wash your floors. If you are not having signs of fleas, it means they are gone and will not bother you for a while as long as prevention is being carried out.


Many people may be disgusted to poop fleas out, others feel great satisfaction by doing it. It is really up to you to decide, what to do with a flea if you happen to find one. One thing is for sure when indoors don’t let it get away. If you are outdoors, you can always shake them off.

But don’t stay around for them to come back, keep going and run away from that stop.