Can Raccoons Kill Humans?

Raccoons often seem cute from a distance but that doesn’t mean they are perfect to serve as pets. You may think of them as stray cats, but don’t take your conclusions so lightly. Many raccoons can become quite dangerous in certain circumstances, and this is something you should never underestimate.

People fear a raccoon attack, and they have their own reasons for it. Although several raccoons could potentially attack a human being, it is very unlikely for them to kill humans by their own. However, a human is perfectly capable of dying from the consequences of a raccoon attack.

Raccoons may be the carriers of certain dangerous diseases such as rabies. If you are contaminated by one, you’ll need urgent treatment or you might face an irreversible fate. Also, during a raccoon attack, humans can do unintentional acts that can lead to their death, such as accidental falls or something else.

How Often Do Raccoons Attack Humans?

It is not common for raccoons to attack humans, in fact, raccoon attacks are very rare. These attacks will only occur under one of the three following circumstances:

  • When raccoons are cornered and have no route to escape, they will perceive you as a threat, to defend themselves they will attack ferociously.
  • If you find a raccoon’s offspring, there is certainly a progenitor nearby. In these cases you should step back and stay away from them, otherwise, you’ll suffer the consequences.
  • Some raccoons become ill and start suffering from rabies, this will make them generally more aggressive. A raccoon infected with rabies will attack any human on sight.

How Dangerous Is a Raccoon?

Raccoons are not dangerous per se, but they can carry dangerous diseases that can put your life, your family, or your pets in danger. If a person or pet is attacked or hurt by a raccoon, they need to seek medical attention immediately.

Even the smallest bite or scratch from a raccoon can jeopardize deeply your health, so in these scenarios don’t take your chances and head straight away to emergency services.

Do Raccoons Attack Humans at Night?

Since raccoons are most active during nocturnal hours, chances are that a potential attacker will most likely happen at night. Even so, do not rule out the possibility of happening during the day.

A sick raccoon can initiate an attack even without any provoking, they can be very unpredictable. This is why you should never underestimate the presence of nearby raccoons.

Should You Be Afraid of Raccoons?

You don’t need to be afraid of raccoons, but treat them as wild animals. This means you should never attempt to handle them by yourself. This is also valid if you capture one inside your house or somewhere else. Always contact animal control services to do that for you.

Respect them as the wild animal that they are.

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What to Do if a Raccoon Chases You?

One thing you should never do when being chased by a raccoon is to turn your back on them. Chances are, you’ll get bitten in a leg or ankle. When a raccoon is chasing you, always clap your hands and do loud noises, scream really loud, this should be enough to convince it to run away.

If you have a broom with you, don’t be afraid to swing it against it, if you have a hose spray them in the face. Loud bangs and noises usually do the trick, but if you need to throw something else, don’t hesitate in doing it, as long as it won’t kill them.

Raccoons can be easily spooked, they tend to think that you are a scary predator.

Do Raccoons Hold Grudges?

Unfortunately, raccoons do hold grudges, this is due to their stubborn nature and their intelligent ability to recognize and fixate on other beings. They are really very clever and can even learn some tricks. But unlike your faithful dog, they just don’t feel any remorse while trashing all of your belongings.

What Are Raccoons Afraid Of?

In essence, raccoons are really afraid of bigger predators. This is why scaring them away is so effective. Even other pets suck as dogs can scare them away under the right circumstances. Don’t take this for granted though.

A trapped raccoon may gain the courage to do the unthinkable, but normally they will flee at the first sign of danger. Use loud noises or bangs to scare them away, you can also swing some objects nearby, this will make them run.

How Do You Fight off a Raccoon?

Your best chances to fight off a raccoon are by using a “long-range” object that can really keep them away from you. Chairs and brooms tend to be very effective in these cases. But be careful, raccoons are very fast creatures, if they get too close you can be in serious danger.

A raccoon can quickly bite you or even scratch you while marching from a rapid attack. Never let your guard down when dealing with a raging raccoon, fight them off without getting too close.

Are Raccoons Afraid of Lights at Night?

Using bright lights and flashing lights at night can really keep a raccoon away from you. They tend to be most active at night due to the freedom that darkness can provide them. Dark places are a free pass for a raccoon to roam free into destructive behavior.

Keeping your surroundings well lit, or at least with presence lights can keep some less prepared raccoons away. Some electronic deterrent devices have proximity sensors and can do this for you without a fuss.

Does Human Urine Keep Raccoons Away?

As incredible as it seems, human urine can prevent a raccoon invasion. This is due to the fact of raccoons hate the smell of ammonia (which is present in human urine). Using human urine in the perimeter will surely do a great job keeping raccoons away for a while.

But bare in mind that urine can release a strong odor after a few hours in the sun, if you don’t mind the smell it’s one of the best free deterrents you can use against raccoons.

Did you know: 75% of the time raccoons can squeeze into small spaces, but if they get stuck in there, this is what you need to do. 😱😨😨😨

Do Raccoons Attack Dogs?

Sad to say but raccoons can attack dogs and even kill them if they are feeling threatened. If your dog is from a large breed, it can be more successful in scaring a raccoon away before it attempts an attack. On the other hand, if your dog is small in size, it can be attacked and heavily hurt by a raging raccoon. Some dogs do not resist those attacks.

Do Raccoons Attack Cats?

Raccoons will indeed attack cats on sight if they feel in danger, but unlike dogs, cats are much more agile and can run twice the speed of raccoons. Cats can be very territorial and might attack any raccoon that tries to enter their domain.

Although it is possible for a cat to suffer some injuries from a raccoon, it is very rare for them to win that fight thanks to the swift nature of cats.

What To Do If A Raccoon Attacks You

If unfortunately, you suffer a raccoon attack there are some things you should do in order to prevent further aggravation of the situation. Check the following:

  • Protect yourself whenever you can, if possible lock the raccoon in a division and call animal control services.
  • Never attempt to corner a wild raccoon, their only goal is to escape when trapped they will become unpredictable.
  • Use a long-range object like a broom, a stick, or something else to create distance between you and the raccoon.
  • Try to lead the animal out, raccoon when scared just wants to escape, open a path and clear an exit for it to run.
  • Avoid confrontation at all costs, if you are watching them approaching retreat to a safe place and call an expert to deal with the situation.
  • If you are attacked and physically hurt by a raccoon, seek immediate medical attention or the consequences may be devastating.
  • Ultimately, if none of the above work, run away and put yourself in safety. Be fast as you can and don’t stop to look back.


Wild animals like raccoons will be among us whether we like it or not. We, humans, are occupying their natural habitats an inch at a time, so it is more than natural that they become closer and closer to our homes. But that doesn’t mean we can’t coexist, treat raccoons like you would treat any other wild animal and things will be alright.

At any time feel free to contact your local expert services to take care of any wild animals for you.