Can Eating Cockroaches Kill You?

If you are like many people, you already have your opinion about cockroaches, they are gross pests that are nothing but trouble, and they must be exterminated. I wouldn’t blame you for that, but have you considered seeing these pests as a meal source?

Eating roaches may sound extremely gross to you, but for some people around the world, that’s completely normal. So, as proven by many cultures, eating cockroaches will not kill you, and will not harm you in any way.

I hate to break it to you, but you’ve probably eaten many cockroaches and other insects in your life, without even knowing it. The FDA controls the number of insects that can be grinned in your food.

For example, the average human is only allowed by the FDA, to have 800 or so insect fragments per 10 grams of the food. This is the living proof that you’ve eaten insects (among them cockroaches) and have not died.

Can You Eat Cockroaches?

You can eat cockroaches as long as they are bred in a hygienic environment. They must be fed with proper food and nothing synthetic and contaminated in their diet. Warning thou, you should not eat the roaches that appear around your house.

Domestic roaches are fully contaminated with insecticides that have failed to kill them, also they do live in precarious conditions that will make them carry many unthinkable infections and diseases.

Is Eating Cockroaches Safe?

Eating cockroaches is safe, just not the ones running around in your house and sewers. As long as a cockroach is fed with fresh food and healthy vegetables, it will be perfectly clean and fine to consume. Cockroaches can be tasty insects you know.

Nutritional Benefits of Eating Cockroaches

Eating cockroaches has good nutritional benefits, just to put it in perspective:

100 grams of cockroach serving has 24 micrograms of diet B12. This is almost ten times the RDA. B12 is responsible for the continuation of the body’s nerve and blood cell health. It also enables make DNA which is the genetic material in all the cells of living beings.

What Does Cockroach Taste Like?

According to general public opinion, people who tasted cockroaches, more specifically the Dubia roach, said that its taste resembles to blue cheese. Others, who tasted the Madagascar hissing cockroaches, said its texture and taste were like greasy chicken.

Do cockroaches taste like shrimp?

A cooked cockroach can have the texture of a shrimp, but the shrimp itself has a stronger taste, kind of tangy. Cockroach’s taste is blander and with a hint of butter flavor. People who have tried cooked roaches say they are not bad at all.

Would farm-raised cockroaches taste like shellfish?

It is very unlikely that farm-raised cockroaches taste like shellfish, marine creatures’ taste is stronger due to salt concentrations present in the sea. Even if cockroaches’ texture is quite near to shellfish, it would still lack the salty fresh smell and taste of the sea.

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Do Cooked Cockroaches Taste Good?

If you ignore culturally biased opinions and some of your refined personal preferences, cockroaches can be very delicious. A well-cooked cockroach can taste in texture like a deep-fried shrimp that was prepared with its skin intact.

Can You Get Sick From Eating a Cockroach?

Thankfully, even if most people eat accidentally one cockroach, it will not have a major negative impact in their personal health. Our digestive system is able to do a great job in breaking down all the matter in a cockroach and filtering out any bacteria. In reality, you won’t even notice any difference at all, it’s just like regular protein intake.

Can a Cockroach Kill You if You Eat It?

If you eat a cockroach that has been bred in a safe environment and has had a nutritious diet before ending in your plate, it’s very unlikely that it will kill you. Cockroaches can be very clean and healthy when done right.

On the other hand, if you end up consuming a cockroach that has survived pesticides and has crawled in the sewers or in a garbage can, it will be filled with bacteria and many diseases. That cockroach will probably kill you if you eat it.

Can Cockroach Eggs Hatch Inside a Human?

There is an internet urban legend that states, it is possible for cockroaches’ eggs to hatch inside a human, but that is nothing more than a hoax. Cockroaches’ eggs are not able to survive the passing of the human mouth, and even if they are swallowed whole, the stomach acid is powerful enough to destroy the eggs and digest them.

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What Are the Benefits of Eating Cockroaches?

Consuming cockroaches may have many benefits in curing certain issues such as:

  • Stomach problems
  • Preventing stomach cancer
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Treating skin burns
  • Treating skin wounds
  • Oral ulcers
  • Peptic ulcers
  • Many other issues

Do Cockroaches Feel Pain?

According to entomologists, cockroaches and other insects do not have pain receptors as vertebrates do, they don’t perceive pain, but they are able to feel irritation and they also may know that they are damaged. They are unable to suffer because they haven’t got any emotions.

Their nervous system is much plainer when compared to other creatures, the neural network of a cockroach is not complex enough to send any distress signal.

What country eats roaches?

Many people around the world eat cockroaches. From Africa to Asia, the United States, and South America, cockroaches have always been part of the human diet. Whether as a popular dish or even for survival.

Way, before it was popular to eat cockroaches countries like Mexico, China, Thailand, Brazil, The Netherlands, and Ghana, were consuming it as a great meal. In China, cockroaches are a popular ingredient in Chinese traditional medicine, they treat conditions such as ulcers and respiratory issues.


It is very conclusive that eating cockroaches will not kill you, because as you can see, it is a very common thing to do, and it is quite popular in several countries. Next time you’ve come across some cockroaches delicacies, remember this article and try them out. They are very nutritious and healthy for you, so go ahead and take a bite.